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Jewelry suggestions?

The bride has gotten all of us bridesmaids earrings for the wedding and we get to pick out the rest of the jewelry ourselves. But the earrings are her gift to us, so she won't tell us what they look like because she wants it to be a surprise. It's a sweet thought, but we have no idea how to pick out complimentary jewelry without knowing what the earrings look like.

All we know is that they're dangly, possibly with small pearl accents. The bride will be wearing a solid strand pearl necklace and double strand pearl bracelet, with pearl stud earrings.

Can anyone suggest any stores that might have a wide variety of bridesmaids jewelry that could be complimentary to pearls, but not necessarily including pearls (in case our earrings don't have any)? I've been to a gazillion places and have only found fashion jewelry. Thanks in advance!

Re: Jewelry suggestions?

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    Do you have any jewelry that you already own that may match? I would just go with something simple in a white metal. But thats my personal preference. 
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    [QUOTE]Pearls.  Simple strand of pearls (real or imitation). Can't go wrong with those. Very thoughtless of her to give you jewelry for the wedding as her bridesmaid's gift to you!
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    Well that's an entirely different story, but I won't get into that now...

    Since she'll be in all pearls, she doesn't want us in pearls unless they're small accents, and unfortunately I don't have anything that would work. I even raided my mom's jewelry box.

    The wedding colors are eggplant, burnt orange calla lily, and dark green, and our dresses are eggplant. If I can't find something that's plain silver, do you think it would be all right if I found something that had one of those colors in it? Not like chunky purple beads or anything, just a touch of color. Are there any companies or stores who specialize in bridesmaids jewelry?

    So she won't give us any other hints as to what the earrings look like and she hasn't liked anything I've shown her so far, but she also won't say why she doesn't like it or point us in the right direction. As MOH and BFF, at what point am I allowed to smack her a little? Tongue out
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    She's being pretty ridiculous - you shouldn't have to clear your jewelry with her.  Also, there's no such thing as "bridesmaid" jewelry.  Jewelry is jewelry.  I'd just find something you like that goes with the dress (note: goes with =/= "matches" you don't have to look like a stylist matched every part of your outfit). 

    I'd probably bring my pearls and my plain silver/diamond heart necklace then wear whichever one goes better with the earrings.  What type of jewelry would you wear with this dress if you were attending as a guest? or going on a date night?  Whatever it is that's totally fine.  If you're looking for something cheap b/c it's a one-time wear and not something you'll make regular use of I'd try something like clairs or the jewelry wall at a charlotte ruse / forever 21 type store. (Not that you can't make regular use of those - but it's a little cheaper if you don't want to make any kind of investment; which I probably wouldn't either.)

    Edit: I apparently cut off mid-thought
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    Okay, @knotporscha, this has got to be spam.

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