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Martha's Vineyard Rentals- Big Sky vs Tilton vs Seaside Celebrations

Hi everyone - I'm starting to look into my tent, tables, chairs, etc rentals for the Dr. Fisher House.  Anyone have any good or bad experiences with the 3 on the island?  Anyone notice big cost or service/quality differences?


Re: Martha's Vineyard Rentals- Big Sky vs Tilton vs Seaside Celebrations

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    We met with both and ended up going with Seaside.  When we met with Big Sky everything was a $1 or $2 more for the same items (I noticed it mostly with the chairs but everything down to the silverware was slightly more).  Seaside did a fantastic job, their tent was beautiful and they were very easy to work with.  Big Sky has beautiful tents but I think he's used to people coming in with blank checks, that's why he can get away with charging more. 
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    Thank you so much for this review!  I met with Big Sky last weekend and received my estimate today... which caused some panic.  I will definitely reach out to Seaside next. 
  • This response my be out of date for some...but am getting married on the island in 2 weeks, went to pay my final bill to Big Sky....they are CASH ONLY. Not an issue for me, luckily its a rather small wedding, but I can't imagine not at least having the option to pay using a credit card conidering how rentals can quickly add up. Bride beware!
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