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I know there have been quite a few weddings that have taken place at this venue. I know that it's been said that at first the area can be a little "scary" if you will. But what did anyone think of this venue? Is it fair to say that our budget of $10k for wedding costs is doable here? Guest count is probably 85 max if EVERYONE comes. At this point in the planning process I'm stuck on The Windsor at Hebron Park, however, this venue interested me as well and it goes more with the modern appeal that FI originally wanted.

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  • It's $5k just for the rental on a Friday without F/B. IMO it's way more space than you need for a wedding of your size and is not cost effective. I'm not crazy about the ceremony space either but that is JMO.
  • I think it would be pretty. But as I mull over various details from looking at various weddings there, the fact that they now don't allow an outdoor ceremony space, which is one thing I thought made that venue unique to others, sort of takes away some of its charm. I think it could work, but in the end since I think there is probably more DIY to be done there than to Windsor it would probably end up costing more in the long run.
  • If you like that, there's 333 First Avenue that is like, right down the street, and they DO have an outdoor space.  We looked there when we were planning, and we had several issues, but one of them was that the view from inside was not great.  We weren't interested in outdoor, so I didn't look at that area, I only saw a few pictures.  I just remember looking out the windows and thinking that I didn't love the view... there was the parking lot, there were some industrial buildings, and lots of security gates/bars/wire.




  • I don't know if you will be able to book HSA with a $10K budget. I thought I had seen some brides have an outdoor ceremony there. But maybe I dreamed that up. We just booked HSA and it was $7K just to book for a Saturday wedding. We still have to pay for linens and food and beverage. But on a side note my FI and I had looked at numerous venues and LOVED HSA from the moment we pulled into the courtyard. There were many where the area was "sketchy" especially since we were wanting the downtown dallas feel but we didn't feel that way with HSA because there is only one entrance and exit and it is all closed off. It feels very secured and we loved the atmosphere.
  • Have you considered Event 1013 or the Flour Mill in McKinney? Both are a similar style to HSA. Also- maybe the Filter Building? The great thing about these venues is they are all BYOB so you can save on  those costs (I didn't think Windsor at Hebron Park was.. not sure though). 
  • Does Event 1013 have an outdoor option?  I know there is a courtyard out behind it, but it belongs to the Children's Theatre, so I didn't know if that was something OP could use.  There's also a really pretty pavilion at the park right there in downtown Plano, but it is right next to the Dart station, so you'd be dealing with the sound of the warning bells.  But yeah, if there's an outdoor space, I totally recommend Event 1013.  I lived in downtown Plano for two years and I love that whole area!



  • I was in a wedding in May at Event 1013 and there is no outdoor option at all.
    I loved the space, but the ceremony room is TIIIIINY, and it was pretty cramped for her 100 guests. It worked, though, and the reception space is plenty large.
  • HSA used to have an outdoor ceremony option, but have since discontinued it. So you aren't going crazy :)

    I thought McKinney would be too far.

    Windsor at Hebron Park actually does allow BYOB. You can purchase your own alcohol, beer, liquor, etc. But the person who toured me stated we would just have the caterer serve it, from what I understood of it. Which does reduce costs. That's another reason why we were really interested in it. We want our guests to enjoy themselves and we would prefer to select what, and how much.
  • My reception is really close to Event 1013 at Rooftop Event Spot.  The pricing is great, and they have a nice outdoor patio that is half the space.  Plus if the weather is not perfect, they can fully enclose the patio and heat/cool it.  You do have to use Urban Crust or Urban Rio for catering, but the food is good and the pricing is still reasonable.
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