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How much time off from work for a wedding year?

I just got engaged this week, and would love to have my wedding in October 2014. However, we already have an extended family trip booked for 2014 that takes up 2 weeks of our PTO. This leaves us with 2 weeks of PTO each for all of 2014: wedding planning, wedding itself (I'd rather not work the day up to the wedding), and honeymoon. Not to mention if either of us gets sick, needs to take a day off for doctor's appointment, travel for other weddings (we already have 4 to attend next year, one of which is on a Friday), etc. Is 2 weeks (10 business days) off work enough time for a wedding year?

I realize we could defer the honeymoon until 2015, but in this thread I'm asking as if we are having it right after the wedding.

Thank you.

Re: How much time off from work for a wedding year?

  • Assuming you work a normal Mon-Fri job, you could just schedule wedding planning things for the weekends. Or if you get federal holidays off, see if the places (wedding gown store, venue, etc) are open those days and see if you can do it then.
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