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Hair/Makeup Appointment

So I'm having an issue with timing with my hair and makeup appointment for the wedding (this Saturday) that I'm really kicking myself in the head over, because I should have solved it sooner.
I cannot be at the venue until 2:30pm (the ceremony is at 4:30), and the venue is only ten minutes away from the salon. When I made my hair and makeup appointment, the stylist said that we should schedule the appointment for 10am just to be sure we have plenty of time, even though it should only take about two hours. I wasn't sure about that timing from the beginning, but she insisted, so I figured she knew best.

I was still conflicted about the timing and was going to request that we push back the appointment, but in the mess of all the other planning I completely forgot. I emailed her today to see what we could do, but she's completely booked the rest of the day and there's no way to change the appointment.

So now I'm looking at finishing my hair and makeup around 12 and having absolutely nothing to do for 2 1/2 hours until I can be at the venue. And I have no idea what to do about that. I'm afraid of my makeup getting sweaty in that time or my hair falling because it's been in so long (my hair started falling out after only 4 hours with my trial, an issue I will address for the day of). I don't want to eat anything because we'll have snacks once we get to the venue.

What do I do? Do I try to kill 2 1/2 hours somewhere and hope that my hair and makeup don't get messed up somehow? Do I try to find a different stylist and hope someone has availability? Am I stressing out over nothing, or is over two hours of a gap enough to be worried about?

I so stressed because I feel like every time I accomplish something, something else goes wrong that I have to fix.

Re: Hair/Makeup Appointment

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it, just have lots of hairspray on hand! My hair salon insisted that we start our hair at 8am even though the photographer wasn't coming until 1 and the ceremony wasn't until 2:30. My hair does not hold curl well usually so we just put lots of hairspray and bobby pins in and it held pretty good. I got my makeup done around 11 and it still looked good by the end of the night. If you're worried about the makeup maybe ask the person doing your makeup what kind they'll be using on you so you can get some for touch-ups later in the day.

    Since our hair was done early and the makeup artist was coming to my parents house where we were getting ready we had time to just relax, eat some lunch and listen to good music until it was time to get into our dresses! It was actually nice to have that time with my bridesmaids to just relax before the nerves of the ceremony got me!

    Would you have somewhere to go between the makeup/hair appts and the time you can be at your venue? Can you go to your parents house or a friend's house in between?

  • Yeah the problem is that I have no idea where we'd go during that time! Any family lives on the other side of town (an hour away).

    My bridesmaid who will be with me joked that we should go see a movie haha. We're trying to brainstorm ideas for what we could do during that time, but not really coming up with anything realistic.
  • Maybe go to a coffee shop? I know you said you don't want to eat anything, but maybe get a tea or coffee somewhere?

  • Ha! I like the movie idea :)
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  • That's tough. Does the salon have any other treatments or services you can get done? Maybe a hand and foot massage or something? 
  • Call around and see if anyone can squeeze you in on an emergency basis. 
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  • I did a quick search trying to find someone else that could accommodate my schedule and budget - no luck.

    I think we'll end up hitting up a Starbucks or something :) Or if I'm feeling really crazy we might just see a movie! Haha.

    Thanks ladies for the ideas and helping calm me down! Every little thing feels like a crisis when the wedding is only a few days away!
  • maybe you photographer could do a shoot with you and your girls before the wedding

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