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We're supplying the bar

So unlike your normal reception hall where there's a bar and they provide your drinks, we are doing it all ourselves. We are doing a boatload of beer which will have beer soda and waters, but want to make mixed drinks also. I found the glass drink dispensers I want to make 3 different mixed drinks so my question is how much do we need of each drink. We have a max of 120 which is mostly family so we are expecting most of them there I was thinking make 3 gallons of each? The group will probably be split between the beer and mixed drinks so I just want there to be enough any ideas?

Re: We're supplying the bar

  • How big are your glasses, how long is your reception, and how many of those people will be drinking alcohol? The general rule is to assume one drink per guest per hour, so if you have 120 guests over 5 hours, you'll need 600 servings of booze, plus water and soda for non-drinkers.

    If you're assuming an 8 oz. servings of your cocktail, 3 gallons will give you just 48 servings. I don't really know your crowd and how many of them like liquor vs. beer, but this is food for thought.
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    @torrie8907- Google "Drink Calculator" you'll get some help there, good luck! I'm doing the same but sticking to beer, wine, soda & water... I don't want the lushes getting hammered too quick! 110 guest.

  • The online calculators are a big help. You should also consider the season and your crowd--are they heavy or light drinkers? Kids present? Or a real mix that's about half/half drinkers/non-drinkers (ours is). Hot or cold out? adjust your alcohol purchases accordingly.

    It's better to have too much than too little. Just stock up on things you can return or will be happy to finish off yourselves (go easy on kegs, as they don't store well!)
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