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What do you have left to do?

Well it's two weeks exactly till our Oct 26 wedding next saturday is my bachelorette party and then it will be the wedding week. holy cow is all i have to say time has sure fly'd by!! well up untill this past bit we have paid for everything ourselves accept for some spots our parents offered to pay for as a gift. We decided we would get a loan to help finish paying everything off  at once unfortunately even though my hubby t be has perfect credit his multiple jobs the past year has not help and we were declined for the loan. but while my FI was at his dad's house his neighbor was over when he was talking to his dad about the loan and the neighbor offered up to give us the money we need as a loan to be paid back when we could with no interest! i was so overwhelmed when he told just amazing he would do that. So now we are able to pay everything off. 

The last bit of things i need to do know is print off my wine labels, my thank you stickers and my wedding programs. I need to pay the vendors their money and get my bouquet and pay for it. need to pick up the items i need for my hot beverage bar (hot chocolate, marshmellows, ect.) pick up the kettle corn for our favors and i believe that is it. 

What do you ladies have left to do our do you have everything ready for the big day?  
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Re: What do you have left to do?

  • 2 weeks here, too! Final dress fitting is Monday, still have programs to put together and payments to vendors that couldn't be done early to put together for the day of the wedding. Mostly it's just lists, making sure I have everything I need at each separate time. Today, I made the placecards, finished my veil, finished the centerpieces, and gave our headcount to the caterer. I can't wait!!
  • woot yay for small lists ahaha
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  • 13 days to go!  I'm so excited!  I still need to put together our welcome boxes for our hotel guests and finalize the music for the string quartet (ceremony and cocktail hour) and DJ (reception).  My final fitting is on Friday.  That's it!  This week, I'm going to make lists of things that I need to remember to bring to the hotel and venue, etc.  I'll probably pack for the honeymoon this week too if I'm still furloughed.
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