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Seating plan at reception

We were originally going to do open seating at our reception. Well I did a little research and found that isn't the best route to go because seats will be taken, parties will be split up and blah blah blah. So now we are doing table assignments. We went over the list last night and decided on a sweetheart table. We have 32 immediate family members, wedding party members and their spouses who are split up between tables 1-4 as they're 8 top tables. My concern is that my fiancé's parents have some close friends in town and I have a feeling they might be upset if they aren't sat together for dinner. My fiancé says not to worry about it but I can't help worrying about hurt feelings where his parents are concerned. He actually has two sets of parents so we are seating his father with my parents and his mother with my sister the MOH and her family because they already know each other. Why is this such a big deal to me? I just want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable. Did any of you have similar issues?


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Re: Seating plan at reception

  • I stressed out about the seating plan and it took FI and me about an hour to work it all out.  We have 126 guests over 17 tables.  Some ended up being partial tables, of course, but in the end, we did the best we could and aren't going to worry about it.  It's just for dinner and then people can mingle as they like.  I tried to put tables of those who get along near each other so that even though they aren't at the same table, they aren't across the room from one another.
  • If you're aren't sure just ask them.  No harm in that.  I understand you wanting everyone to be comfortable etc.
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  • We had 144 divided among 15 tables. I absolutely stressed a out it and let me say it was totally unnecessary to stress. We had a couple of partial tables and seriously people shifted around before dinner! After dinner most tables were empty people were mingling and enjoying the venue. I've been to MANY weddings where I was seated with "undesirable" tablemates as I call them. But really you need to make it through a meal then you're free. Don't stress!!!
  • I started a plan and then gave it to my (now) MIL to look over it. She shifted a few people around, but nothing crazy. She was happy I had started it and was able to just tweak it.

    It turns out that everyone really loved where they were sitting - so don't let it bother you!
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    Thank you all for your input. I showed the list to my sister (MOH), mom and future MIL just to get their opinion and everyone seems really pleased with what me and my fiancé came up with. Phew!


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