Wedding Woes

I need someone to help dress me, sort of.

Mostly, I need someone to help me find the kind of clothes I want to wear.  Pants, specifically.  I got these really great new boots last weekend, and they look really stupid with my usual yoga pants (but I'm wearing them anyway), and to be honest, I'm really sick of yoga pants anyway, but since I have so much trouble finding something else I actually like, it's what I'm left wearing.

So.  What I'm looking for are casual pants (maybe corduroy or khaki material, not a huge fan of denim but if that's all there is, I guess I can deal), relatively low rise, fitted at the hipbones, but loose everywhere else in a shape that doesn't taper at the heel.  Basically the kind of thing that was easy as pie to find in 1996, that's what I'm looking for.

Does anyone know where I can find this?

Re: I need someone to help dress me, sort of.

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