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Anyone have any feedback on RK Bridal? Let me know what you thought and how they were with dress fittings and so forth for both bride and bridesmaids.


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  • I got my dress there its big and a bit of a mess but great deals... go either along or just with a friend the 1st time because they dont take appointments for a first time but the consultants are very helpful.. after you are there once you can make an appointment and everything is great they have a ton of dresses and they are reasonable priced... 

    for bridesmaids I was going to go there but found it cheaper in Here Comes the Bridesmaid which was great for bridesmaid dresses they just cater to bridesmaid dresses
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  • Great - thanks for much for the tip. And how was the fitting situation? Did they do a good job on alterations?
  • Make sure you go in knowing which designers and specific dresses interest you, so you can narrow your looking to those racks.  The dresses are organized by designers.  Otherwise it's a bunch of dresses smooshed into garment bags and it's hard to tell what you are looking at.  Also, most of the dresses are on the lower-end side, synthetic fabrics etc.  I went there as a way to get started since they take walk-ins, but did not find much I liked there.  The employees were all very nice though. 
  • You have to look for the better dresses they are usually in the back once you have a style you like they will go get what they think you would like but that is on the 2nd appointment... and they do a great job very talented with alterations
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  • I bought my dress at RK Bridal. I made about 5 trips before finding the right dress. There are tons of dresses in the store and you basically have to pull them yourself. I recommend bringing at least one friend with you for help. Some of the consultants are extremely helpful and some won't really help at all, so it all depends on who you get. My consultants name was Cheryl- i'm not sure if she's still working there but she's the one who found my dress after I described what I wanted- she was really great! The prices are good and my alterations were perfect. Just be prepared it can be a mad house on the weekend. 
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  • I found my dress at Lovely, but bought it at RK because it was cheaper. I'm going to use a local seamstress for alterations, so can't comment on that.

    Experience at RK was fine, professional salespeople, dress arrived on time. No problems.
  • My buying experience was great but alterations experience was terrible. I wish I had listened to the other reviews I read that said the same thing. Since others have also rated alterations as good I can only assume it is hit or miss. I felt it was an assembly line where they barely listened to me, didn't fix errors, and ultimately I had to take the dress somewhere else for the final touches. I would definitely get a local referral from a friend instead.
  • I got my dress at RK bridal on the first visit. I heard that you have to come in knowing what you're looking for because it can get overwhelming and you pull 5 dresses at a time. I came in prepared with pictures but my friend and I started randomly going through racks as we had quite a wait until it was my turn to try stuff on. My overall experience was very very good. The sales lady who was helping me was very professional and super nice. She even suggested different style dresses from what I was looking for because she thought that style would be more flattering. She turned out to be right and I found the perfect dress! I would definitely suggest going there. 
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  • Thank you all for your help!!
  • i got my dress at RK Bridal. i was just in the area and totally unprepared to go dress shopping but figured i'd pop in and see what the store was like. i immediately got set up with a wonderful consultant. i didn't have pictures with me and i didn't know what kind of style i wanted. i only knew what i didn't want and that was enough for my consultant to start pulling dresses. she probably brought around a dozen for me to look at/try on. we talked about what i liked and didn't like about each one so she got a really good sense of my style. she told me to hold on one second, there was a dress that came in recently that she thought would be perfect for me. as soon as she walked in to the dressing room with it i knew it was the perfect dress for me and i bought it that day. going for my first fitting next month and i'm so excited to put it on again.
  • I purchased my dress from RK Bridal. I had such a positive experience.  They had a wide selection of wedding dresses and great prices. If you go on a saturday make sure you arrive early. 
  • Got my dress at RK and love it. Going thru the fitting process right now - 2nd fitting is Saturday - and I've found them to be nothing but super professional and sweet. If you're going to look for wedding dresses on a Saturday, do yourself a favor and be standing outside when the doors open. It'll make the day way more fun.

  • Gorgeous! Love the dress. I have had nothing but great experiences with them too. I recommend going on a week day nice and early! When is your wedding?
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