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rehearsal dinner ideas

Hi knotties!
I need some rehearsal dinner ideas. We get to do whatever we would like as long as it's under $500. For the wedding we're having chicken cordon blue, green beans, potatoes (haven't decided which kind) and salmon stuffed crab meat.

Our plan is to have the rehearsal dinner at my SIL's house since it's huge and we often host things there. It also cuts down on costs, so can't complain! So far I was thinking making pasta in a crock pot, potato salad, veggie tray, maybe fruit tray...and that's about it... Any other ideas? I'm trying to avoid along the lines of what we'll be serving at the wedding.
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Re: rehearsal dinner ideas

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
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    It sounds good and fairly easy.  Is the pasta vegetarian?  Is that something you would need to worry about?  If it were me, I would definitely include a fruit tray or fruit salad.  My family has to have bona fide meat.  Italian beef sandwiches would be easy and inexpensive to add, and it could be kept warm in a crock pot as well.  I also prefer green salads, but a vege tray also fills that bill.
  • oooh! italian beef sandwiches would be awesome! I don't have to worry about vegetarians, but my brother is gluten free and dairy free. Maybe I'll do salad, fruit tray/fruit salad, italian beef (he can eat that, just not the buns) and pasta. Would that be enough? Orginially I wanted a cook out, but my brother and SIL mentioned to me it would take forever because people would have to wait for hot dogs and hamburgers to cook, which totally makes sense, I just didn't think of it that way. haha.
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  • If you do pasta, I'd skip the potatoes since it's another starch and you're serving them at the wedding the next day. I'd do:

    - Baked ziti (you could put italian sausage in one and leave the other veg served side by side http://www.partycity.com/product/buffet+chafing+dish+set+8pc.do?navSet=176204
    - caesar salad
    - garlic bread

    - veggie tray
    - fruit tray
    - cheese and crackers


  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario
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    How about some dessert/something sweet?  Just some cookies or something.
  • doeydo said:
    How about some dessert/something sweet?  Just some cookies or something.
    We're doing a ton of cookies at the wedding along with cake. I'd be willing to do something, but I don't really want to do cookies or cake. maybe pie?
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  • Pie or brownies would work well for dessert. Brownies would be easy & quick to make at a time when time will probably be limited with last minute planning.
  • We had assorted flavors of Klondike bars and a pan of brownies for easy desserts at our RD.  People really liked the Klondike bars (and as a bonus the Klondike bar actually originiated in our area).
  • Hubby and I hosted our parents, siblings, and wedding party back at our place after our rehearsal.  We live in NYC where the pizza is insanely good, so we ordered a couple pies, and I made a large salad and three different dishes (baked ziti, farfalle with pesto, and chicken cutlets with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella).  I baked brownies for dessert, and had wine, soda, and coffee with dessert as beverages. 

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