Caterer Recommendations?

I met with a caterer recently and he estimated that having buffet or family style meal at our wedding would be around $10,000. (We are expecting ~ 90 guests and are having a wedding about an hour and a half outside of Portland). This is the first caterer we've met but I was wondering if this is normal? We were thinking we would budget about $5,000-$5,500 for a caterer. Do we need to re-budget? If you guys could recommend some good caterers who could work with my budget, it would be really greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much for any help!


  • While I am not sure about delivery charges and what not, I THINK that is way too high. 

    We are having about 70 people and most people we have talked to think about 4-6, depending on alcohol and options. Now, we are getting married in the city, so delivery is less of an issue...but in my opinion, I would keep looking before worrying about re budgeting. 

    Where are you getting married? Maybe there are caterers closer that you can check out? 
  • That sounds a lot more reasonable and closer to the range we were considering. What a relief to hear! 

    We are getting married in Sheridan, Oregon. But the fee for travel was only about $250 - which I can deal with. And the food wasn't too expensive. The prices really got jacked up when it came to paying for service and gratuity (which added up to about $4,000 alone).
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