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Need opinions on wedding venue

Hi all, first time posting here.

My wedding is end of June 2014. We've decided on Paradise Point in San Diego as our venue. There are two lawns we can't decide between and I'd so, so appreciate your opinions/experiences with this.

Island Point Lawn: about $2,000 / beach view / bridge leading onto lawn / slightly more public, but nothing tacky
Pine Hill Lawn: about $1,000 / trees until the end of time  / no bridge

Take a look here: http://s6.postimg.org/5bdox9gwh/PP_lawns.jpg

Thoughts? Obviously saving $1,000 would be happy, but I really love the idea of the bridge.

Thank you!

Re: Need opinions on wedding venue

  • They are both really pretty!

    I'm more of a foresty gal than a beachy gal, so I'd go with Pine Hill. But if you really love Island point and it is in your budget, go for it.

    How "public" it is probably isn't too much of a concern; we were in a very public area of our park and didn't have any bothersome onlookers.

    You could always cut back in other areas to make up for not saving that $1000.
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  • I actually like the backdrop and setting of Pine Hill better than the Island. I think you'll get much better pictures that are less likely to be over-exposed. The pictures in the link make Pine Hill seem more intimate and it's absolutely stunning. I would go with Pine Hill all day long and save the $1,000.

  • They both have such a different feel. Maybe you can base your decision on the kind of wedding you have in mind.

    To me Pine Hill feels more secluded and also a bit more rustic due to all the greenery. I can picture a breeze at Island Point, Pine Hill seems more secluded and possibly humid and hot?

    Island Point screems fuchsia and tropical flowers to me, it feels like a romantic place.

    With Pine Hill you could decorate with big leaves which might make it more modern as well.

    I hope that helps...



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    I also like the Pine Hill Lawn because I'm not much of a beach person, I know you mentioned the other venue is open to the public but it shouldn't effect your wedding, I'd just be worried some public wouldn't pay attention and walk around.

    If in the event there is no other wedding scheduled there that day maybe you could get some pics on the bridge you really like at the other area? Or a pre-wedding shoot?

    eta: I wrote the name wrong
    -anjo (aka the future mrs miley :)

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  • I actually like the Pine Hill better too.  Can really be verbalize why.  I just do, from those pictures. And $1000 will go a really long way toward other things.
  • The beach is pretty, but have you thought about things like wind and sand? Pine Hill looks like a more controllable environment. I agree about the photo exposures, too.
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