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Hi fellow October brides! I love reading up on those of you have tied the knot and those of you who are getting close to doing so. My wedding is in 3 days!! Omgosh my stomach just dropped a little bit typing that. I was wanting to get some feedback on my timeline. I am hoping the day goes something like this:


1:00                                 Videographer arrives    

1:00                                 Bridesmaids arrive

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2:30                                Groom/Groomsmen arrive

3:00                                Photo booth vendor arrives to setup

3:00                                Photographer arrives

3:00                                Bride and Grooms First Look (photos)

3:30                                Pictures with bridal party (bridesmaids)

4:00                                Pictures with entire wedding party/family

4:00                                Wedding Officiant arrives        




4:30pm                         Ceremony begins


5:00pm                           Cocktail Hour/Bridal party taking pictures

5:00pm                           Photo booth open

6:00pm                           Announce the bridal party and bride and groom

6:15pm                            Father of Bride address the guests/gives speech

6:20pm                           Dinner is ready-Bride and Groom will be served first

6:30pm                           Band will call tables to go get food, 1-4, 5-8, 9-12

6:45pm                           Toasts (best man, maid of honor)

6:55pm                           Bride and Groom greet guests at their tables

7:25pm                           Cake Cutting – Bride and Groom thank guests

7:30pm                           First dance

7:35pm                           Special dances (Bride/Father-Groom/Mother)

7:40pm                           Open dance floor to guests (about 1 hour)

8:35pm                           Groom and Brides brother perform song for guests

8:45pm                           Bouquet/Garter toss followed by dollar dance  

Is this realistic? For those of you who have gotten married did you timeline's work out the way you thought they would? Thanks for your feedback.


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Re: Wedding day timeline

  • Overall i think it looks good. The one area i don't think you factored in enough time for is the guests getting food at the buffet. This will definitely take way more than 15 minutes. Perhaps you can have the best man should give his toast at the same time as your father, then you can just open the buffet for dinner and gauge the rest of the timeline on the flow of the evening? Your guests will need plenty of time to get their food and eat so they are comfortable and don't feel rushed
  • I'm not there yet, Oct 26th, but my niece-in-law put together my time frame for photos.  I don't know how large your wedding party or family is but a half hour for photos, even your first look, doesn't seem like enough time.  She set up an hour for first looks, and 45 for WP and family. 

    The rest of the time line looks good to me.
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  • I'd say give more time for pictures with just you two. We took almost an hour.

    And because I really am glad I didn't stress about this, if things don't go as planned, don't worry!

    Also, I'd give the timeline to your DJ. You won't have to keep track and he can just guide and direct you guys.
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    Agree on more time for pictures. We have our photographer for only six hours, and those hours are from 1:30 to 7:30 with a 4:30 ceremony. I want a first look with my dad and a first look with my fiance, then pictures with everyone, so that's gonna take a bit.

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