Day of Planners - How much? What did they actually do?

Is anyone willing to share how much they paid for a Day of Planner and an actual comprehensive list of what they did?

I keep telling myself that other than the wedding favours (which could be set by a family member) we don't have much else that needs to be done on the day of, but I'm wondering if there are just a million things I am overlooking.

Tell me how it went on your day :)

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Re: Day of Planners - How much? What did they actually do?

  • I am in the same boat as you and would love to hear!! I'm also on the fence as to if I need a day of coordinator as well :)
  • It depends on how much you want your DOC to do.  You tell them how you want your wedding to run and they'll make it happen.  For example, other than setting up wedding favours, the DOC can handle the final payments for your vendors, be the "Go To" person for your vendors for questions about where things go, make sure things happen on time (or close to being on time), handle seating for your guests, direct them on where to go after the ceremony, etc., that way you don't have to worry about these items.  Also, if there's a problem with finding a particular vendor, the DOC can pull names from their little black book. 

    Depending on the years of experience of the DOC and how much you want them to handle, I've heard of costs from $500 up to $1800. 

    My suggestion - if you're the kind of person that doesn't want to have to deal with last minute decisions or dislikes having to make decisions, a DOC is a great idea.  If you prefer to handle ALL the details of the wedding, you're likely better off to take care of it yourself. 

    Alternatively, if you don't have the budget for a DOC, and have people who like event planning and who are genuinely offering their help for your wedding, and you don't mind handling the responsibility over to them, it is nice to have a stress-free day.

    Check out Leena from Let's Party Consultants.  She's been in the business for over 13 years now.  I didn't use a DOC, but I did get a lot of recommendations from Leena as she helped me with venue negotiations.
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    Hiring a DoC is for peace of mind on your wedding day. I'm in Winnipeg, and I hired one with glowing references for $500 to do the day of.

    They handle details like
    1. handing cheques to your vendors
    2. collecting everything from the end of the reception (cards, decorations etc.)
    3. pre-processional timing of music

    they will generally add whatever you need on the day of that you request.

    You don't want to be worrying about little details on your wedding day; that's what a DoC is for (if it's within your budget).

    It's not a great idea to ask someone already at your wedding. They are guests and should be treated as such.
    Good luck!

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  • I found someone, Arthur at Fusion Events, who for the same price as many day of planners, is helping us for the whole month before the wedding. I would say he is definitely worth the money. He's attended our meeting with the photographer and with the catering coordinator at venue for the tasting, working out a day-of schedule and coordinating with all the vendors. I imagine on the day of the wedding he'll be doing a bunch of things that I won't see or have even thought of. It was more than I had hoped to spend, but I'm happy someone is micromanaging the wedding that's not me!
  • Hi there!

    I just hired a wedding planner for my wedding next year. I hired Leena from Lets Party Consultant and so far every meeting and conversation I have had with her is amazing. I am originally from Toronto, Ontario but am residing in Long Island, NY with my future hubby to me so my family is all back in Toronto. I was originally going to hire her for day of services which she said would start at $1000 and that included: 

    - 24 hr emergency service (I can email or call her at anytime of the day :) hehe)
    - shes going to help create my wedding day schedule
    - corresponding with my suppliers and vendors prior to my wedding date
    - attendance at my wedding rehearsal
    - a finalization meeting at my venue
    - shes going to being 2 consultants on my wedding day
    - look over all my set up 
    - she said she will set up my favours, place cards, guestbook, photos etc.
    - she will also cue my speeches and transitions
    - she will deal with issuing my payments (yay! I dont have to deal with the awkward payments on the day off)
    - patch up mistakes
    - return all my items at the end of the night 

    ...needless to say... I booked her for the day of and full package and so far have not dealt with any stress especially since im planning a Toronto wedding from NY - Leena is pretty awesome :)

  • I got a quote from Leena and she was amazing. She was the only one who was happy to customize a package for what I was looking for and her price was BY FAR the most competitive out of all the DOC I looked at.

    I'm still not sure if it is a service I need or not so I haven't given it any further thought but I think you definitely made the right choice because my impressions of Leena were awesome right from the start.

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  • We booked Leena for her full services.  Initially we were only going to hire her as a DOC, but the price difference wasn't that much and for what you get, I'm definitely glad we did.  Through her vendors alone we have already saved enough to pay for her services.  She has been absolutely amazing thus far.
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