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My Nails adventure...sharing my intel for other gals/rant.

So, we are about 30 days out from the wedding. I booked bombshell studios for my hair and make up at the bridal expo... with Diva's being my other choice, I actually won a gift certificate from Divas! Yay me!

Fastforward ... Diva's Salon closed sometime this summer so that has botched my nail plans... so here is my experience in booking. So much for my gift certificate.

Artistic Elegance opened and I guess some of the people from Diva's opened the shop as far as I could tell from the website. Great. I have 6 family members and friends (not really any of my maids) wanting to get nails done on the Thursday prior. They are happy to help... but they book me at 9am and my cousin is last... with her services to conclude at about 130 to 2pm. Rehearsal is at 430. Not my idea of how i want to spend the day. So if you have a small group as in you and your sister, this works out great. A group of six (mom, cousins and aunts and a friend), not so much. that's the only reason I'm not going here.

Oasis - I found them on facebook after googling spa's... we spent yesterday playing phone tag. They can have us done by 1130. This is fantastic, I thought. They never call back to confirm last night, I'm getting suspicious. They call first thing today, oh my, they have another wedding group that morning and never gave any indication they have someone inquiring ahead of me. Let's just say I'm telling my aunt to cancel her hair appt there on Friday, I think I'll send her to AE. They are very nice on the phone. I was excited bc they can accomodate most of us and we can do mimosas etc. How fun... oh well.

Hot Heads - Very nice but can only do one at a time...not going to work for us. if i had known about their company though, I would have considered using them for my wedding, thought I think I'm going to be pleasantly surprised with bombshell.

Hairoics - everyone raves about them. so we call and talk back and forth on 3 different calls. When I call back to book us 6 girls...they want an upfront deposit of $200 for nails. Seriously? This wasn't mentioned before... So I mull it over... call back and ask for them to send a copy of their policy because if one of my girls decided only to get her feet done and not hands... I would still be charged for her hands if we don't cancel within 48 hours? Really? when this is almost a guaranteed 300 dollars for pedi's alone at minimum.  Not even going to bother with them. If you are going to charge me money, I want to see your policy in writing, period, before I'm committed to it.  Call me old fashioned but I'm a human resources professional, paper and contracts and binding agreements are not new to me. *off of soap box*. So, while they are probably a spa I would use at home, I'm a little put off for a deposit for nails... hair /make up is def more labor intensive IMHO.

I think I contacted a few others but they were booked, so I can't remember who they were but they were nice and nothing stuck about them.

I'm contacting Aqua, Eden, and if I'm not happy or they are booked... Klassy Nails. Maybe I should have taken a page out of ya'lls book and went with Klassy from begin with :) yaaaaaay wedding planning/crunch time/almost a mrs!



Re: My Nails adventure...sharing my intel for other gals/rant.

  • I went to Klassy Nails in July and they did a fine job and let us bring in alcohol.  There was 9 of us so it did take awhile as there was only three girls there (one girl was out sick).  But my nails lasted and looked great on the wedding day and it was significantly cheaper than everywhere else I called around.  Good luck!
  • Should have gone with your advice. ended up at Eden. what a nightmare. We indicated on the phone that I may want tips... we show up, oh "we don't do that" ... okay. My shellac turned out horrible. one week later and it's peeling, my girls in No. Virginia do shellac and easily lasts 2.5 weeks.  Not to mention she baked a brush hair into it and I had to argue to get her to fix it. The "spa pedicure" was anything but they rubbed lotion for a like a minute and was done. No massage, no hot towels, no sea salt. Did I mention the girl that did my mom's nails? She made my mom bleed on her hands and on her feet by clipping too much. 
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