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Wedding Shower Hostess Gifts

Two of my FMIL's friends are throwing us a wedding shower tomorrow. I didn't even think of getting hostess gifts until I just got a text from her asking if we had gotten them something. For my bridal shower I just gave them a card telling them how much I appreciated the shower. Did anyone else give/not give a hostess present? I'm not even sure of what I would give since I have never met them.

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    My friend threw us a shower and I made her a pie as a gift. My mom and gram also threw us a shower and I gave a candle to my gram and a little bracelet to my mom.


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    I have a cute umbrella to my sis for her next "shower" (cheesy but she loved it). For my FSIL I got her a diamond candle and a cute framed pic of us from a concert we just went to.

    Nothing big. Most people suggested candles or bath and body stuff. I would say a nice card is a must and most people will appreciate that most.
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    Two of my bridesmaids threw me a shower, and my aunt threw another one.  I got them all a gift, about $25-$35 each.  Just a little something that they could use around the house (picture frame, wine cork decoration, kitchen stuff).  I think it's a sweet way to say thank you.  I also wrote them a thank you card.
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    My Moh and her friend threw a shower for me so I got them a card bottle a wine and a starbucks gift card..

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    So I had two things I got from a knot board, and I couldn't decide, so my BM's got both - for a shower theme: 

    1. An Umbrella (cute ones at target!)

    2. Shower Gel and Lotion and a loofa from Bath and Body Works - I was originally going to get the minis, but they had the sale on full size that was buy three get three free. 

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    I definitely think a thank you card is a must and a little gift. The gift really doesn't have to be anything extravagant either. I had two showers and I got the hostess a card and a gift card to their favorite restaurants. My MOH is hosting my bachelorette party next weekend and I bought her a cute gift from an antique store which wasn't more than $20.
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    When do you give a hostess gift? At the shower?
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