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Overlooking something?

Anyone else have a fear of overlooking something important? My venue supplies the food, florist for centerpieces, wedding cake, limo and DJ. But besides dresses and tuxes I feel like I'm going to overlook something important. How far in advance are you all doing stuff? I just called a hotel to make a room block because its a popular area for weddings and not many hotels. How far in advance do you book a JOP? I'm overwhelmed (and have 8 mo twins) I don't even know what I would do if they didn't provide all that for us!

Re: Overlooking something?

  • I would start researching JOPs available, depending on your area (like the hotels) there may not be too many to pick from and in that case, I think doing it in advance will be to your advantage. Maybe your venue can suggest some they have used in the past and even give advice as to when you should contact. You can find many checklists online to help ensure you don't miss anything major. Good luck!
  • I worry about that sometimes too!  I'm trying to just do a little bit along and do things far in advance if I can so that I will have time for the little details later.  

    My hotels wouldn't let me block rooms more than a year out, but I blocked them as soon as was possible.  My venue is in a popular location and I was worried about not being able to block rooms.  

    I think that the more you can do early the better.  That will also give you more time to pay off all your bills before the big day.  
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  • I have been thinking the same thing, where are the other September 2014 brides at with their planning?  I'm with @kmdassow, do whatever I can now & do the little details later.  I currently have my venue, officiant & trying to choose between djs.  Either the end of this week or next, I'll be calling a photographer in mind.  All that remains is a florist.  I think.. unless I'm overlooking something.  I also need to call the local hotels & decide where I can reserve a block.  We did our engagement photos, as soon as we have those back I can do the save the dates.  I've been pricing & ordering samples of invitations.
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    I'm pretty paranoid about overlooking things myself- and I don't have the valid excuse of having children! I too am trying to combat this by doing everything as far in advance as possible (so if I do forget something I have time) and also by leaving some contingency in the budget in case rushing things costs more. As far as our timeline I have booked the venue (same venue for ceremony and reception with caterer, tables, linens, etc. provided), the photographer, videographer and DJ. And since our wedding is at a hotel we also have a block of rooms there, though I'm thinking of doing one at another hotel as well since most of our guests are from OOT. One of our officiants has been secured (my fiancé is Jewish and is still deciding whether he wants a rabbi to co-officiate.) The florist is the next big thing to do and that should be interesting as I know nothing about flowers. And we still need a ceremony musician but my fiancé's cousin is a classical guitarist so I think we will probably get him to play (as a paid vendor). I've also ordered sample invitations/STDs and right now plan to send the STDs out in early January- with a Sept. 6 date do you ladies think that's far enough in advance?
  • Just something to think about, you can reserve things without having all the details nailed down.  I've selected a baker and booked them, but I haven't chosen the cake yet.  I've also selected the band, but I will get the details to them when I have them.  My future mother in law was able to reserve the venue for our RD without an exact start/end time and we'll choose the menu and other details closer to the date.  

    It's good to just get on your vendors' calendars as far in advance as possible so you don't have to stress about not having options later.  Then you can figure out the details when you have more time.  

    Venue for RD might be something to plan in advance, especially if you want a private space.  

    Also, on the hotel thing, our hotel would only let us block 20 rooms!  I ended up blocking 20 rooms at 3 hotels with different price ranges.  We have a lot of OOT guests.  
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  • You didnt mention a photographer.  Have you hired one?  DJ?
  • Sorry I missed the DJ part.
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