Tiki's/Coconut Club wedding ceremony/reception

My fiance and I are highly considering our wedding to be held at Tiki's Coconut Club. Anyone have any personal experience with this place?

Re: Tiki's/Coconut Club wedding ceremony/reception

  • We had our reception at the Coconut Club & it was amazing. The views, the food & service were all fantastic. We had a wedding planner so we didn't deal with them directly so don't know what they are like to deal with but would assume they would be fine. We did pay for an extra hour for the reception to finish at 10pm.
  • @Oahu Bride - Hi! Thank you for your response! Which wedding planning service did you use? I've contacted Coconut Club directly and so far she has been very responsive and helpful. The views and the prices are what have sold me on the place. How many guests did you have and how much did you end up spending if you don't mind me asking? Also, did you have music? They mentioned that they only allow acoustic music.
  • We used Diana from Oahu Wedding and she was amazing, would highly recommend her! There were only 20 of us as we travelled from Australia.  Honestly I am not sure how much we spent but it was quite a bit, I had to wait over 16 years to get married to my husband so I had what I wanted :) As we travelled from Australia we wanted to do as much as we could for our guests and incorporate some Hawaiian things, we gave all our guests a flower lei as they arrived for the reception, a hula dancer for an hour, open bar which didn't last as long as we thought so added more money to that.  Our decor cost us a bit too, it completely changed the look of the Coconut Club, I can send you some photos if you like.  We had a playlist on our IPOD and had that playing in the background.

    Feel free to ask any more question :)
  • Hi @oahubride Are your photos on the Oahu Weddings website? Our wedding planner is Kibby and we are just starting all the planning! They are so great! I am so excited to get married in Hawaii!
  • Hi @missmwood no not that I know of! Are you also using Oahu Wedding?
  • @oahubride Yes we are! They have been so good so far! Just in the process of signing contracts with the wedding being Nov 2014!
  • @MissMWood I highly recommend them, Diana was fantastic made organising our wedding a dream.  She blew us away with what she did for us.  We got married in November last year!
  • we looked at the Coconut Lanai room for welcome reception, but ended up having a more casual gathering in the restaurant instead.     Our WC was Hawaii Weddings and Events, they helped us save money in areas that we would have never thought of.
  • @OahuBride - i would love to see some photos!!
  • Hi @linzadvin,  Attached are some photos of our reception set up at The Coconut Club.  Let me know if you would like to see some more and I could email them to you if you like.
  • @OahuBride - These are absolutely gorgeous! I love how the decor completely transformed the venue. Yes, I would love to see more photos please. Here is my email: [email protected]

    Thank you!! :)

  • @linzadvin - Thanks!  Yes our wedding planner did an amazing job transforming the venue for us, it really did blow us away when we first saw the venue. Sorry I haven't emailed more photos to you, had a bit on the last few days, will email them to you in the next couple of days.
  • @linzadvin - I have just emailed you some more photos, I went to type a message but the stupid computer just sent the photos to you. Let me know if you don't get them & I will send them again. Any questions feel free to ask. Good luck :)
  • Hello! I'm in search of a wedding venue in Honolulu and I'm having a hard time finding something I love. I'm planning on having no more than 30 guests and I'd love to have it outside next to the beach. Although I found a few chapels that I really liked. Has anyone checked into the ocean crystal chapel at the Hilton Hawaiian village?
  • @oahubride hello! I noticed the pictures you posted of your reception last November! What a gorgeous set up! I will be traveling to Oahu this November to get married an I haven't booked anything! I just BARELY started planing and I have a ton of questions and have no idea where to begin. Although I can say that this forum has been a huge help! May I ask where you had your ceremony? And was the weather nice in November? Thanks so much I look forward to your reply :)
  • @Gonzalesam we had our ceremony at Paradise Cove.  The weather was perfect, not a breath of wind. 
  • @oahubride How lovely! We are hoping for the same weather! How about your reception at the Coconut club? I know you stated that you had 20 guests, we are expecting somewhere around the same amount of guests at our wedding. Did you hire a band or DJ? And This maybe rude and please forgive me for asking but would you be able to tell me roughly about how much your wedding planner cost? I really don't wanna hire one but I feel like I won't be able to do everything myself especially since I'm over 2000 miles away! And was your wedding planner helping you the whole time you planned your wedding or just the day of? Again I hope I'm not asking too much. I greatly appreciate any advise you can give :)
  • @Gonzalesam We actually had a hula dancer for an hour and just had our IPod.  I was a bit worried about only having the IPod but it was great, band or DJ wasn't missed at all & I think it would have been a waste of money.  I think our wedding planner was around $1500 and well worth it.  There was no way I would have been able to do what she did (I live in Australia).  She helped me plan the whole thing.  Would highly recommend a wedding planner, takes all the stress out of wedding planning.  I thoroughly enjoyed planning the wedding with her stress free :)  Feel free to ask as many questions as you like :)
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