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Hi Ladies! 

I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with a small (15ish people at the most) wedding in Sequoia National Park? My fiance and I are huge outdoor/hiking/backpacking people and we would absolutely love to get married someplace that reflects that, I mean come on, we got engaged on a backpacking trip in Zion National Park! So, needless to say, a National Park wedding would be perfect for us! We're looking at the Lodge in Sequoia, The Wuksachi Lodge and I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with them, either your own wedding or attended a wedding or stayed there or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance ladies!

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  • Oh, that makes sense! Thank you Schatzi13 for the suggestion! I appreciate it!
  • I can't tell you about Sequoia, but I do know we had friends try to get married in Glacier (their party was too big). They married right outside the gate instead. Lodges in national parks and tourist areas right outside the border tend to be very expensive, since you're kind of a captive audience, so be sure to ask lots of budget questions so you know what's covered. Those areas book up fast, too--when's your date?

    Check the park service web site, ESP any links to Sequoia--there's a phone number somewhere for questions about getting married in various parks. Good luck!
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    Kitty8403- I've talked to people in charge of weddings at the lodge, and for the size of our wedding, it wouldn't be outrageously expensive, thank goodness! Everyone I've been in contact with has been very helpful, but I would love to talk to someone who has firsthand experience, either as a wedding party member or a guest. I feel like that knowledge is very valuable and that the people who work there can't always give the most honest opinion... lol.

    Our date is either 06-28-2014 or if I can convince my fiance, 06-30-2014 [which is a Monday, but it is our 10 year dating anniversary- so I'd love to get married on our 10 year anniversary :-)]

    Thank you for the suggestions and I may start calling random places within Sequoia to get ideas from other people.

    Thank you!

    EDIT- I realized when I posted my original question, it posted under a different username... one that I tried to delete! So for the record CabernetHoney and LiveLoveHike are the same person! Sorry for any confusion!!
  • Since you're in the park, you might think about options for your guests. Can you plan a day trip, do you need a shuttle, that sort of thing. Room at the lodge for everyone to stay over? Other lodging choices nearby? If they can't find it, will they have cell service or do you have maps?
    Gas. People never remember to check on their cars or fuel up before entering a park and the prices are terrible. Worse if you have a breakdown.
    Level place to get married, with enough seating. At the aforementioned Glacier wedding, we were clinging to a rather steep hillside trying not to lean back too much.

    Other than that, I'd plan a trip in and check it out like any other venue or any other wedding--what can/can't you do, catering trial, arrangements for setup, and so forth. Do they have reviews anywhere online?
  • I do believe you need a federal permit, and that's peak season for the parks. So I would verify that and make any necessary arrangements ASAP.
  • Kitty- thank you! I never would have thought about gas... when we go to a national park, we are there to backpack so thinking of gas never crossed my mind! Thank you!

    We have some ideas for day trips in the area... there's a few different places we would love to visit and it'll my families first time there and the future-in-laws haven't been there in over 15 years, we definitely want to explore the areas with them.

    We're planning on making a trip there soon to visit and check out the lodge... we've never been to the lodge so it'll be nice to see it and talk to people face to face, rather than over email.

    Thank you for your help! I appreciate it!
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