A women on the edge . .

Three weeks from today is our wedding. I've been doing little things since we made the announcment but now I feel like I'm in over my head.  Tell me this is all nerves and everything is fine. We have a cake, food, DJ, venue, license, RSVP'a are back . . . if it was tomorrow I think we'd be fine. . .

I guess I'm worried about the small things, decorations, everything coming together at the last minute . . . this is normal, right?

Is there an easier way to make sure I don't lose my mind in the next three weeks? I think I'm starting to have panic attacks! UGH!!!

Re: A women on the edge . .

  • I think the stress may be getting to you.  Did you book a photographer and an officiant to make the marriage legal?  (Unless you are doing the Quaker style marriage).  Also be sure to get your marriage license soon, there is a waiting period on that.  If you need anymore help just page me back!
  • It's just nerves....I think all brides go thru this. 

    So my suggestion is to think thru your day from beginning to end- envision each step of getting ready to leaving the reception.  You might even envision how the events of the day will be from the perspective of the guests.  I often find that by visualizing the event from beginning to end I can find any "holes" in my planning - items I may have forgotten to purchase, or a logistics issue I overlooked.   It might even be helpful to verbalize it with the help of your Fiancé or your MOH.

    Also- I always highly recommend that you have someone to act as coordinator for the day, if you don't have a professional hired.  It's nice to have someone on hand to take care of the little snafus thoughout the day, so you and your family don't have to deal with them!

    So now just breathe......breathe......  :)   and good luck and Best Wishes!

  • Photographer???!
  • We have the Mayor marryig us, LOL. No photographer but a close friend that takes really awesome pictures and has done some ametur wedding photos.  I wanted to spend the money on other things I guess. Photographers were outragously priced.
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