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I am looking for venues near White Marsh in Maryland.  I am looking for something that is different (not a hotel) and inside with air condition.  I am also looking for a location that will not blow my whole budget just for the location and food.  If you know of something please help!! 

Re: Venues (near 21236)

  • Columbus Gardens is pretty reasonable, its off of Bel Air rd across from St. Joseph school.
  • What is your budget? Mine is 7,000 for the reception only and I'm looking in the Baltimore area. I've found a lot of options and a couple good priced caterers. 
    I'm also looking for indoors only with air/heat. Tonight I'm going to look at mobtown ballroom in Baltimore. Around 2K for the place.
  • I logged in under a really old profile sorry, that was my comment above.
  • Our wedding was at the Valley Country Club 

    The place is gorgeous and really affordable, at least it was in 2012.  Especially compared to some of the other local venues we'd looked at - not necessarily cheaper but a lot better package.  They do fill up quickly though - we wanted a late spring wedding and when we toured the place a full year in advance they only had either March or late September Saturdays left. I didn't have any problems dealing with the owner and everything went off perfectly.

    Our second choice was Overhills Mansion, in Catonsville.
    It was also really affordable and had some great options - if we hadn't been able to get the date we wanted at Valley, we definitely would have had our wedding here.

    Good luck!
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