How to get an Officiant - Seattle/Tacoma Wedding March 2014

Hi there! So, I am not sure how to go about getting an officiant for our wedding in March 2014. I wanted my uncle to do it, but he backed out and now I am starting from scratch. Any suggestions?

We are not going to a church right now, and not sure if we want to go the pastor route.. or just have a friend or family member get certified and then marry us.


Re: How to get an Officiant - Seattle/Tacoma Wedding March 2014

  • I found some officiants on here. But they charge anywhere from 200-600$. it's a bit ridiculous. I know that in some states, judges will do it for a small fee. I haven't found that here.
  • I just got married there.  We went the officiant route because although we're Catholic, my husband is divorced and his annulment still isn't through after 2 years...so we wanted some personalization and spirituality but couldn't go with our own or another faith.  Many times your venue or photographer can recommend someone but be careful and try to directly speak with someone who used them...we went with a top rated and recommended one and she was certainly overhyped.  She not only attempted to bully us many times but screamed at our guests day of and accused them of stealing her purse (someone had simply moved it out of the way to the back room assuming it belonged to a family member and seriously...it was obviously a private event and the entire venue was only our wedding).  So it's possible but pricey and perhaps not what you think you're getting.  If you have a good friend or family member who is also a good public speaker, consider it!
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