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Hey ladies! Not sure if anyone has picked out a caterer yet but, we're currently in the process of looking. One just quoted me for something way over our budget and I'm kinda bummed because I'm wondering if they are all that expensive. Anyway, I was thinking about looking into a food truck idea if it'll save us money. The only thing I'm worried about is the guests having to stand in a long line after they get their food. Has anyone else considered an idea like this or any other alternatives to a traditional catering option?

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Re: Catering ideas

  • Only heard about people doing this for cake. Like bringing a cupcake truck in at one point during the reception. If you are having a big guest list, people will have to wait. Depending on the vibe you're going for, if it's a super casual affair, then I think it's a good idea.
  • If you are going to do the food truck idea, you can have certain tables released at time via Dj or another way so the line is not huge at once.
  • I keep teetering back and forth on the idea. I would just hate for guest to wait in a huge line for food since we are having our ceremony around a meal time. Luckily plenty of time to think about it!

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  • What kind of catering were you doing?  You can cut a lot of money by looking into a plated dinner instead of stations, or a buffet instead of a plated dinner.  

    We are just serving everyone an inexpensive entree at our wedding.  I put a little more money into the band and some other things instead.  I think that everyone will be having a great time regardless of what we serve.  
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  • I've known a few people to recruit family and friends to prep, cook, and serve the dinner. It's not ideal, but it can save lots of money. Just a thought.. Good luck
  • Keep looking.  I am sure you will find a caterer in your budget.  Or perhaps you could up your budget a little?  Shorten your guest list maybe?  The food truck idea is cute but I imagine your fear of a long line would come true.
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    We fortunately negotiated with one of our potential caterers and got the price down. My FI luckily is good with this kind of stuff!
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