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Joe's brides - help!

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I realize this is a super specific question but I'm hoping one of the lurking already-married (or super prepared) people can help answer my question. 

We are self-DJing our reception at Joe's and my bridesmaids are worried about the amplification of the music through the speakers in the Gigi room. I hadn't even considered that they wouldn't be loud enough! (Then again I'm one of those old lady types asking the hooligans to turn down their loud music haha!) One of them just emailed to say it's no big deal, we'll just go test it out and rent a last-minute amp but that is the LAST thing I want to do - I'm sure there will be enough curveballs to deal with. 

Anyone out there who also did their own music at Joe's out there? Did you use the built in sound system and was it loud enough for dancing?

Re: Joe's brides - help!

  • Sorry I don't have any joe's-related help, but it makes sense to do legwork now on securing an extra amp if need be and just test it out quickly and proceed with rental if you need it.  You will probably be fine--most people feel the need to voice their opinions when something doesn't go right and if you haven't heard (or read) anything yet (use google for additional reviews), then I am sure you are fine.
  • Hey Im getting married at Joe's July 26 2014, Nicole is so wonderful to work with. She told us that the speakers and IPod deck will work great. But we are going with a DJ, just because we don't want to worry about music during the events, when the music will be played and its just something I know will be taken care of. Plus I got a good deal. So with what Nicole said, I think you will be fine.

    When is your wedding? And are renting their dance floor?

  • We're on June 28th, almost exactly a month before you! 

    One of my bridesmaids is a music guru and she volunteered to help so she and I have been working on making playlists together. It's actually really really fun. She and a good friend of ours are also going to emcee - we're skipping a lot of traditions so there's only a couple of things to announce.

    We're most likely renting the dance floor, we haven't really discussed it with Nicole yet other than briefly mentioning it when we signed the contract.

    Where is your ceremony? We decided to brave the heat and do the Venus Garden at Caesar's. It was just too pretty to pass up! Now I'm just trying to get a decent deal on a large suite so we can have our meet and greet there too.
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