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Has anyone entered into a prenup and if so what did you ask for?

Re: Prenup?

  • I did not, so I can't help you from personal experience. However, if this is something you're considering, talk to a lawyer to get the lay of the land.

  • I have jokingly talked about a prenup with SO, but mostly since I'm not taking Felix 'our' (was SO's coming in to the relationship) chinchilla, we have a second one Steve that should Felix die I would take but I'm not separating them. And there is no way in hell I am taking Felix (he and I have had Issues over the years)


    I would talk to a lawyer and not get caught up with what the Kardashian's, Brittney Spears's are doing.   

  • Thanks ladies
  • wochoa22 said:
    Has anyone entered into a prenup and if so what did you ask for?
    Definitely talk to a lawyer.  Is there a specific thing you want/are concerned about? Every prenup is going to be different and tailored to the couple and their families.
    Don't worry guys, I have the Wedding Police AND the Whambulance on speed dial!
  • Both parties considering a prenup should talk to a lawyer, and ideally they would each have separate lawyers. 

    There are lots of excellent reasons to get them that actually protect both parties. For example, I've heard of people who own small businesses writing them to keep the business separate. Then if it fails, you aren't both cleaned out in the process.
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    FWIW, lawyers can generally find loopholes to get out of almost any prenup.
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