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Pre-wedding Parties

Pre wedding party

A bit of background: FI and I live in Australia and we are getting married in Las Vegas. As with all destination weddings, there are guests who can't travel for one reason or another.

We are hosting a pre wedding party in our home town about 3 months before the wedding as a way of getting our guests together and also hosting guests who cant travel to Vegas. We wanted to do this BEFORE the wedding so it didnt seem gift grabby cos thats not our intent at all!

All guests invited to the wedding are invited to our hosted pre wedding party. Ive been lurking the board and I know that its 'wrong' to host your own engagement party but I dont see this as an engagement party (we have been engaged since March). We wanted to host guests ourselves and not put it on our close friends or family.

We are also not having any showers or other pre wedding functions. I just need some advice on this before we send out the invitations.

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Re: Pre wedding party

  • To be honest, I would much rather attend an "at home reception" after the wedding than a random sort of wedding related party three months (!!!!) before your wedding date.

    I'd still bring a gift to either party (so will most people). It would be overall less awkward if you were already married.
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    I agree with itzMS, I'm going to bring you gift either way, but I'd rather attend a party after the wedding so you could tell me what happened and I could congratulate you on being married. A pre-party would feel more like a shower or engagement party. I don't think having a post wedding party is gift grabby. GL! :)
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  • Ditto PPs. I would plan this party for after the wedding. People are going to bring you gifts no matter what and it'll be much less awkward to celebrate if you're already married.

  • The reason im avoiding a POST wedding party is that I got the same advice as PP that an at home 'reception' is poor form and gift grabby. FIs family offered to host our engagement party but we declined because they wanted to invite people who werent invited to the wedding.

    So what I understand from lurking on this board is that if someone else offers to host your pre wedding party its ok as long as its only with people invited to your wedding?

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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  • Maybe host a party after the wedding and invite people over for something like a dinner party or housewarming party if you arent already living togther and a chance to view pictures and such from the wedding?

  • also agree to do a post wedding party.  It is odd to have a pre wedding party if you are the host.  While I get your intentions are not gift grabby, it still comes off as gift grabby.  Otherwise, if you are set on a pre-party I would do an informal "dinner party" totally un-wedding related.  Its just you guys inviting guests over for dinner/cocktails or get together. 

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