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Different Colored Bridesmaids Dresses?

Hi everyone!  I'm getting married on August 3, 2014.  The colors of our wedding are dark purple and lavender.  The dark purple is more of my favorite color, and I always envisioned the girls in my bridal party wearing that dark purple.  However, the more I've thought about it, I'm kind of intrigued now by lavender, especially because we are having a summer wedding.  However, I can't decide!  I'd also love a way for my two sisters to stand out more, as they are my maids of honor.  I was beginning to contemplate the idea of having my sisters wear the dark purple, and the rest of the girls wear the lavender.  Not sure if anyone has any opinions on this?  I just don't want it to look silly....

Re: Different Colored Bridesmaids Dresses?

  • I think it would be adorable! I saw pics of one wedding where the brides had her BMs in the same dress, but different shades of blue.  It looked awesome.  Mixmatched BM dresses are becoming trendy.  I am seriously considering a mixmatched look for my girls. 
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  • My daughter put each girl in the same dress but different, coordinated, shades of pink.  Having different colors did a lot for the pictures.  If you don't want the same dress, then have them at least be a bit similar and each color should be the same dress.
  • I like the idea of either the dresses same colour- different styles or different colours- same style.


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    Two different colours for the BMs vs. the MOHs would be ok, example (top picture):
    Another option to make the MOHs stand out would be that they could still be in the same dark purple and material as the BMs' dresses but in a different dress/cut, example:
     image Or, your bridal party could all wear different shades of purple/lavender, example:
  • I love the idea of the MOH's wearing a different color and think it's very common/normal to do.  I am not having a MOH, just bridesmaids (was going to be too complicated and I prefered not to pick one) and having them wear different dresses.  I have have given them option of all same shade of gray or 3 different shades.   I love mismatched looks.
  • My MOH and the best man will be in Wine color and the rest of wedding party will be in truffle, i wanted them to stand out a little to feel a little special! 
  • My birthday, what a great day :) I am obsessed with the "colors that go" concept, I say go for it! 
  • I love the idea of individual, dresses, styles, or colors to set your maids apart any way you like. 
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