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While I was busy stressing...

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So my FI (squee!) and I had been talking about getting engaged for a few months, and really the last thing that needed to be done was for my mom to send my grandmother's ring. Our one year anniversary is coming up, and after that we are going to FI's parents' for Thanksgiving, so I was kind of anxious to have the ring on my finger (not exactly sure why). Well, my mom was super busy and was preparing to go out of the country for a week, and so she didn't have time to get it appraised and send it. She lives in a small town, and the appraiser only comes once a month, so she got back yesterday and today she looked into it and it was going to have to wait until the 22nd to be appraised, then the appraisal could take up to 10 days, and then my mom was insisting on sending it registered mail (5-7 days) so that it wouldn't get stolen along the way. This was frustrating news, since our anniversary is on the 20th, and I'm anxious to start planning for the wedding, which we'd like to do next October. So I got a little upset on the phone with my mom. A few tears were shed, etc. meanwhile, my FI was mouthing to me that he loved me and everything was going to be ok. Then he seemed anxious for me to get off the phone--I thought because dinner was ready--but as soon as I hung up he got down on one knee, took a ring off my other finger, and asked me to marry him! I nodded through my tears and eventually managed a yes. :) needless to say, I feel kind of silly about making a big deal out of the ring and everything, and now I'm happily engaged!

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