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September 2013 Weddings

9/21 wedding -- weather forecast blues

Okay ladies, the big day is this weekend and it's looking like a washout in the Northeast (Pennsylvania). The outdoor ceremony that I have been dreaming about for a year is nearly certain to be moved inside. Then there are the beautiful outdoor photos I've imagined in my mind...may as well count those out too. Not to mention the havoc moisture and humidity will wreck on hair and makeup. The day will still be beautiful, but I can't help feel utterly disappointed. I need some cheering up!! Our at least some commissary from other 9/21 brides ;-)

Re: 9/21 wedding -- weather forecast blues

  • I hear you!  I am getting married in Frederick, MD.  The good news for me is that I am having a day wedding (11am ceremony), and they are saying afternoon possible thunderstorms.  I am keeping my fingers crossed (for you as well)!

    I love the outdoor space of my venue - for the ceremony and the pictures - so I hope we can use it!  Congrats and good luck - at the end of the day - you will still be married! 

  • 9/21-- Don't feel bad ladies I had a rainy wedding day too in North Carolina but an indoor ceremony/reception. Regaurdless of the travel time to the reception no one complained and we had a great time and realisticly the rain never existed.... I'll look at rain as a sign of good luck from heaven as a wonderful change.
  • ..... at least you got to your venue---! I was in CO and the '1000 yr flood' closed all roads in and out of the town we were to marry in on 9-14- we regrouped and planned a new wedding in 4 hours the day before and got married in downtown Denver--it wasn't as rustic as I dreamed it would be--but we pulled it off--so if rain is good luck--we had a flood of it!
  • Over a month later.. how did it go @jody1031 & @shonsgirl?

    In MA we looked like good weather... then maybe not... then maybe good weather... it was driving me crazy! It held out and the extra clouds actually looked gorgeous in the pictures!

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