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Vegas Wedding 50 guests - How to Book Travel Agent or Online?


I am traveling from St. Louis and bringing about 45-50 guests and was wondering what the best way to book such a large group would be?  Either travel agent or online?  With such a huge group I was hoping to get a decent price or tickets to something?  Does this happen, or has anyone had experience with this?  Any insight would be appreciated!  Thanks!!!

Re: Vegas Wedding 50 guests - How to Book Travel Agent or Online?

  • I booked group packages with the airline we are flying with and the hotel. The guests are able too book online up to 30 days to the wedding. Call/email around and start getting prices. I found agents were more expensive.
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  • Agents are generally more expensive because of their commissions. We just set up a wedding website and facebook page alerting guests of airline sales. We ended up saving about 35% - 50% on our airfares this way. We set up a room block however we also shared sites like smartervegas/cheapovegas with guests so they could choose their own accaccommodation based on budget.

    Congratulations and welcome to the board! When is your wedding?

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  • That is the trend I am also seeing. I have always found much better deals online. Awesome. Super helpful!! Thanks!
  • That is a great idea about true FB page. I started a reply all email to those interested. And the room block sounds like a good plan also, did you just contact the hotel directly for that? Thanks so much the kind words and insight. There is so many things you continue to uncover in this process!! Haha. We are getting married Sept 26, 2014. I really like this board! Everyone in the St. Louis board is very snide. Nobody has time for that! :)
    What were the details of you wedding? Where did you stay and such? Love it hate it?
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