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Where did the time go?!?

Getting married on November 2.....9 days away! I just don't know where the time went. I was talking to someone at work yesterday and was talking about how interesting it was that it was getting really cool out (live in Texas btw) and she said it was about time since it's the end of October. That's when it hit me about how close the wedding is. I have been thinking about time in terms of weeks until the wedding...not what month I'm in. Hope everyone is doing well and not stressing too much!

Re: Where did the time go?!?

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    It's 23 days left for me, and it doesn't seem real yet. There's still so much to get done, but once we plan our ceremony with our pastor (happening this Sat), if nothing else gets done I will just have to be okay with it.


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  • I know!  I'm just so not ready yet!  I'm ready in that I can't wait to marry my FI but I still have a bunch of stuff to get done.  Hopefully tonight and Tuesday we'll get most of the stuff done like the goodie bags for the kiddos, finalize seating chart, and work on just some small stuff.

    It feels like yesterday I still had a year left!
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  • i cant believe it either! it seems like a yesterday i was just engaged and slowly planning this wedding and now im 16 days away! eeeeeeek!
  • i agree I have no idea.. i felt like it was june yesterday .. I got a few last minute things that need to get donw

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  • Almost the end of October! So crazy!
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