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The truth about Conrad Botzum . . .

I had seen so many pictures of weddings at the Conrad Botzum Farmstead and thought they were beautiful, and the location fit our rustic theme perfectly so I started looking for reviews from other brides. After reading most of the things on the internet I was hesitant to go look at the farm, but my fiance and I did last weekend. Let me tell you, it is the complete opposite of what people have written online. 

The cost is $2,500 plus a $500 security deposit. They have never had to keep anyone's security deposit. It is simply for their protection since it is family owned. There is an extra $300 fee for bringing outside caterers, but they have a good list of preferred caterers. The cost includes 8 hours of only you being on the property, plus an attendant on site the whole time to help with parking or anything else. There are 3 good sized fields for about 300 cars to park, and they are away from the road but out of sight of the barn. That way you wont be staring at them all night. You also can use the quite large fire pit on the side of the barn. 

The driveway is not a mile long swamp like some people have claimed. Its about 100 feet and crosses the CVNP path and the railroad tracks. There is a little pond with a fountain on one side. No swamps. 

The owners are a bit hard to communicate with since Maureen does everything over the phone, but its not like they disappear with your money. Both Maureen and George have been very friendly and helpful and have answered any questions I have. 

There are not any holes in the floor boards like people have said. No ones heels will get stuck in the floor. 

The bathrooms are just fine for an outdoor wedding. They are clean and have hot and cold running water with flush toilets. There were little vases with flowers on the vanity, and there are two batthrooms and both are men/women. If you go visit the farm expecting Ritz Carlton bathrooms then you will be disappointed, but that is your own fault. You are visiting a farm. 

There are bautiful fans hanging from the ceiling for hotter summer days. Yes, if it is cold you do need space heaters. Once again, its a barn, not a hotel. 

The land is beautiful and the barn is beautiful. The price was a little over our budget, but there is really no need for any decorations other than centerpieces. They have flower boxes on the side of the deck, larger potters on the deck, and they hang x-mas lights on the end railing of the awning. There are also lanterns hanging inside for lighting. It cut our decorations budget down from $700 to $100. 

I just wanted to share this with everyone because I know a lot of people are interested in the farm but its hard to find any reliable info about it on the web. If you are looking for a rustic type reception location, this farm is definitely worth looking at! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask :)
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Re: The truth about Conrad Botzum . . .

  • Thanks for your review.  It was very helpful!  Do you happen to know how far in advance you must book with them?  My fiance and I just spoke with the owners of Brookside Farm.  I am in love with this place and now am bummed to hear that they are totally booked every Saturday in 2013.  We were hoping for October 2013.  So now I've been researching Botzum.   
  • They have been getting requests for 2013, but I dont think very many dates have been booked beyond june and july, from what I remember George saying. Our date is September of 13 and they told us it would be wise to make a decision soon, but it didnt need to be done immediately. Its a pretty popular venue right now since a lot of people are opting for a casual country theme. I would say check it out asap, its worth it!
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  • Thanks for the review!  This is so helpful, and I'm glad to learn that they've still got some dates available for 2013.  I was thinking about contacting them and now I'm sure I will.  My wedding is in October of 2013!
  • Were the list of caterers pricey?  We have a tight budget.  I was at a wedding on the farm a few years ago and loved it!! 
  • Hi ladies! I'm having my wedding here in late may 2014, and I was wondering how these fall weddings went? Maureen and George seem to be great people, and very friendly and helpful. I'm just wondering, now that you've had your big day there, how it went? Oh and this woman's review of the farmstead is dead on. It's a very simply, clean, and beautiful farmstead. Very old with great renovations to it that's actually very decently priced.
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