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Anyone ever heard of this company or been to a presentation? My gullible mom got me to fill out info cards at two different bridal shows, and today I had a phone call from someone saying I had been chosen to get my choice of wedding bands or two different vacation packages. Part of me is down with sitting through a presentation to get an all-inclusive vacay (even if it is just 3 days), and the other part is skeptical. I asked if it was a timeshare deal and she said no, and then I asked if my information would be saved and I would be contacted later on for further presentations and she again said no, which was exactly what I expected her to say. Does anyone have any real information on them? I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and couldn't find them, which again is sketchy. Weddingwire.com has some good things and some bad....any Knotties have some info? Thanks!

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    I've heard some similar stories on here about those. Most of the time they are indeed timeshares. Other than that, they try selling other stuff too. If it sounds iffy- I would go with my gut instinct and not waste your time with it. Plus bridal shows are very notorious for giving out your info to any and every company they can. Then again, JMO from what I have read from other brides on here.

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