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Smoothing out the frays

This week has been CRAZY!! 8 days to go!!
Started with the coordinator at the chapel saying our priest thought the wedding was this weekend. To he won't make it to the rehearsal dinner.  And the uncertainty of the best man's travel plans. Which were finalized today, which is he isn't coming.  Granted my fiance had been playing cat mouse with him all week had a back up plan already in place and knew exactly who he was gonna ask to step up.  Now we are trying to decide on if we leave it uneven 5BM and 4 GM, ask someone to be a groomsmen, have the best man escort MOH and a BM, or have one of our brothers step in since they already have rented tuxes.  I contacted our tux place so they are aware of the changes of who the best man will be and to make sure that the Best Man gets the right color vest.
Just finished clarifying with our priest of the situation and that someone will be in place to coordinate the rehearsal. YAY!! 
Just going down my list and checking items off.  The frays have been smoothed out so the rest of my check list should be smooth sailing.
I hope the rest of you ladies have a wonderful weekend!
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Re: Smoothing out the frays

  • I vote just leave it uneven (my WP is).... You can have one BM escort herself out, or the last GM escort two BM, or whatever. No reason to have a "back up" groomsman (who may feel like he wasn't good enough to be asked until someone dropped out). 
  • Last minute stress like this is so hard. Hang in there. It will all turn out wonderfully. I would say go with an uneven wedding party. It's really not a huge deal. My wedding party is even but technically the attire of my wedding party will make it appear uneven. My daughter is my MOH and she is wear a different dress then the other 3 BMs. The GM are all wearing the same thing. I would say just have the last GM to walk out escort two of your BMs. 
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  • I did something similar with my BM the MOH is in teal and the rest of the BMs are in purple. That's an idea. Is having the last GM escort 2 women out.
    I know everything will work out in the end. :)
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