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Hey everyone! Our wedding website has a link for Gift Registry (that I can't remove). How do I politely say that because our wedding is a destination wedding, we do not want gfts? Thanks!

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  • I'm not great with words, but maybe some like...

    "It means a lot to us that you are coming to Vegas to share in our special day, your presence is the only gift we want"

    As a side note, you might want to consider registering for small stuff, some people will still get a gift or if they can't come maybe they'll still want to send something.  We weren't going to register, but a few friends said they didn't register and weren't expecting gifts and they got a bunch of stuff they didn't want and didn't know where to return it!
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  • Good idea! For my shower we are just asking for gift cards. We rent a house right now and would like the gift cards for when we buy a house.
  • We had a small registry.  However at the DW, we only got cash or gift cards.
  • I put a note on our website saying "We recongize that by having our wedding in Las Vegas, it requires a lot of time, commitment and expense from our guests.  For this reason we have chosen not to have a wedding registry."
  • That is a really way of putting it! I probably should put that since all we really want is for our guests to be there :)
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  • J9Lawrence that wording is PERFECT!

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  • J9Lawrence, perfect! I actually just copied and pasted right from this page.Thank you so much!!!!
  • This is what we used.  We ended up registering for a small number of things because people were asking.

    If you are able to join us in Vegas please consider your attendance as your wedding gift to us. Being surrounded by friends and family means more to us than any place setting. Seriously.

    However, if you happen to hit the jackpot and insist or if you just want to gawk and critique our style, our registry can be found here.

  • Thanks ladies!
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