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This isn't rocket science

FI went out to buy his suit this morning. A black suit.  Black pants, black jacket.  That's it.  Nothing special.  Just a basic suit. He came home after seven hours of shopping (allegedly) and claimed he couldn't find one.  Says he needs me to go with him to do it.   Says if I don't, no big deal.  He'll just wear his navy blue one... that doesn't fit, doesn't match my dress or the vest he's wearing or DS's suit that we bought specifically to match FI.   I don't know when I am supposed to find time with my schedule over the next seven days to go hold his hand to do this. I am absolutely swamped and already about to lose my mind.  I've been on him almost daily for two months to get this done.  Offered to go with him countless times. He's now mad at me for being upset about it.  Is it the end of the world if this doesn't happen?  Of course not.  Am I going to not marry him if he shows up in an ugly, old, blue suit that doesn't fit right?  No.   But do I think I have a good shot at an insanity defense if he doesn't figure this out and I lose it and kill him.  Yep.

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