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3 Months from Today!


My bridal shower is in a few weeks, contracts are signed and we are starting to work on the small stuff (card box, guest book, etc.).  I find the small stuff more stressful (but I use that term lightly) than choosing our vendors.
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Re: 3 Months from Today!

  • I was three months yesterday too!  My first bridal shower is tomorrow (which is a little early for my taste, but I'm obviously not the host and it's my FMIL, so I didn't have much of a say). 

    Yes, small stuff is stressful!  I'm finding décor stressful, because I'm not really the type of person that cares about the table napkins matching the table runners, or even what half the stuff I need to decorate is, so I'm finding that a massive headache. 

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