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Have you gone dress shopping yet?

I feel like I'm a little behind some of the other people here but I've only been engaged since Labor Day weekend so I know some people have had more time and got started sooner.  Anyway, I'm just wondering who has looked at dresses, and how your experience has been.  I guess I need to start looking this month...everyone I know is telling me I need to go NOW and I just feel like a fat gross slob because I'm 10 lbs heavier than I normally am and I am afraid I will hate every dress I try on and I know I can drop 10 lbs in about a month and a half so I was thinking of waiting a few weeks at least but I don't even know if it will make much of a difference so maybe I should just start looking!

Re: Have you gone dress shopping yet?

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    I got engaged in March, and went shopping in July.  I found my dress on the first day, and I put down the deposit then.  I'd start looking soon, as many designers need 6 months to get your dress in.  I felt like I could lose a few pounds then too, but once I put that dress on I knew I had to have it.  I asked if it could be taken in, and they said it could be taken in up to 2 full sizes (because of the style of the dress)  I purchased it in my size for that day, and I know if I go down, I can have it altered.  Good luck!  I had a great experience shopping, despite how I felt about my weight. 
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  • I got engaged September 8th, and went shopping on October 5th and bought my dress... I am glad I did as I have already run into a couple of the better seamstresses being booked up for July 2014 weddings.
  • Well I went out last night and tried on a bunch of dresses and think I found it!  I thought this would be a long process but it was easy!
  • I got engaged Oct 5th and just bought my dress last week! Most of the wedding is even planned already. Haha (wanted to get most of the planning done before work gets even busier... I teach little ones) 


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  • I got engaged December 1st 2012 and I had my dress ordered about 3 weeks later :)
  • I have not yet. I will be going on the 27th of this month. It is the first time my mom will be in town since we got engaged. I'm super excited!!!!
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    I got engaged on December 30th and on whim of sorts, went dress shopping on January 3rd (first shop, first dress!). So glad I did, as I ended up going with a designer dress and it won't be ready until the end of May, which is a bit to close to "go" time for my anxiety level!
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  • I got engaged on December 20th and just found my dress this past weekend :D

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  • If you're ok with off-the-rack then there's not a huge hurry but everywhere I went the salesladies pressured me saying "you have to get it right away and you'll have to pay extra for a rush order to make it safe!" i just got engaged in November and it stressed me out like crazy but as soon as I decided to just go off the rack then i was able to relax and enjoy it and I found it pretty quickly after that! 
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