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Last Date?

Some I know of a lot of people who try and plan a last date with their FI, in the week leading up to the wedding. I know I want to do this, although we have nothing planned at the moment. Is anyone else thinking of doing this? If so, what are your plans? Tell me so I can steal them lol. :D


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Re: Last Date?

  • We did that last weekend since our bachelor/bechelorette parties were this weekend. We relived our first date. It was sweet and romantic!
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  • That is a really cute idea! We didn't have a plan for this but I may talk to FI and see what he thinks about it :) 
  • We went to dinner together Thursday night while DS was with his dad.
  • The last night we are in town we are going to the restaurant where he proposed (it was actually the garden right outside. It's also the place where we first said I love you :)

  • this is a cute idea!!
  • That's a great idea! The week of the wedding is really going to be busy so we may do something the weekend before the wedding. I'm thinking dinner and a movie, nothing to extravagant, just what we like to do any other normal date night.
  • Nope, unless you count us flying to Florida tomorrow and hanging out in a hotel before guests start flying in on Thursday! We'll do a post-wedding date the weekend after we get back. My parents gave us a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants, so we're planning to use that to unwind.
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  • Well we decided against it. Things are so crazy that I am sure we will have a dinner out or something but pretty much all our time is booked up! 
  • I asked my FI if he wanted to go on one last 'single' date before we got which he answered "Sure...that sounds fun... Who are you going to take out?" (gotta love his humor :) )

    He made us reservations at one of our favorite restaurants tomorrow night, 1 week before the wedding

    It will be really nice to just sit down with him and have a relaxing evening without thinking about anything wedding related

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