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Tulle and Chantilly?

Has anyone heard any reviews about the online site Tulle and Chantilly? From what I see it looks too good to be true! This company apparently makes custom wedding gowns, and at reasonable prices.

Re: Tulle and Chantilly?

  • Did you end up getting dresses from this website?  I'm having concerns it's too good to be true too!
  • No sorry. I haven't looked at it since. No one seems to know anything about it!!
  • It seems like this company is too good to be true.  Their website is littered with false information. I am sharing the email that I sent them and their responses.  

    my wedding will be in October 2014 and I am interested in possibly ordering
    a wedding dress from you, but I have a few question.
    1. where is the location of your workshop (city and state)?
    2. are you a registered business in your city and state?
    3. your designers are only by first name and with drawn portraits.  could I
    please have last names, with maybe a photo of them in their work space as
    proof of this business being legitimate?
    4. for dress appliques, are they only glued, or are they sewn onto the
    5. What is the quality of the materials used on your gowns (bargain,
    mid-grade, high end)
    6. Is there a way of getting a sample dress to rent to examine quality of
    workmanship, to be return via mail within 72 hours of receipt?  If not, how
    does one determine your workmanship before ordering?

    Sophie Delatte
    2:35 AM (11 hours ago)
    to me
    Glad to hear from you, below is the answers you may need.
    1. our company is located in HongKong of China, our factory located in Nanjing Of China.
    2. of course we are registered business, we have real company not just sell online.
    3. we are Chinese, so usual we have no real English name, also they not very famous designers. But if you want pictures of work space, we can send you.
    4. for dress appliques, we can do it in different way, some dresses, we will sew on the dress, some it is a lace fabric, it is just on the dress. It is depended on dress style
    5. Fabric quality is decided by the price. But we will never use bargain one.
    6. We have no dress rent, we just begin to create a dress after you place the order, if you worrying about whether we will send the dress to you etc. you can check our facebook or other reviews, also if you still have not receive your dress about 2 months later after you place the order, you can ask paypal to return your money back.

    Thank you!
    Best wishes!

    I would not have minded ordering a wedding dress from China, nor from a Chinese employee.  However, I am deeply disturbed by the fact that their biographies could potentially be fake, the drawing of their faces on the website are clearly fake since the employees are Chinese and the pictures of Emma, Lydia, and Sophia are Caucasian.  Their phone number is from a city in California, but they are located in Hong Kong.  My skepticism comes more from them not being transparent about basic information, rather than workmanship.  Their product might be completely flawless, but I have I hard time handing over money to people who are not honest from the start.
  • Wow! Good to know! Thanks for doing that research for the rest of us. That was very helpful!
  • I tried to order a bridesmaid dress through Tulle and Chantilly and it was a nightmare. I was working on a tight timeframe and thought I could trust their processing and shipping time on their website. When the dress was still not delivered by the time indicated on the website I contacted them. They told me they wouldn't be able to get it to me for another couple of weeks or more because of Spring Festival. I was never told that the dress order would be delayed which made planning extremely difficult for me. I needed to see the dress before ordering all of them for my bridesmaids since I couldn't see an example in a store. I asked to cancel the order multiple times and they never addressed my concern saying they would try to rush order it. I continued to ask for the order to be cancelled and for a full refund which they fought me on for weeks. I was finally given a refund but it took many many emails. 
  • We recently used this website to do bridesmaids dresses for a friends wedding and they did come through just fine. The dresses fit great (put in measurements). They did take about 8-10 weeks to come in, which is longer than the time they list on the website, however it was still reasonable in my opinion for a bridesmaids dress. I've ordered from wedding stores before and took 3-4 months. The color matched well and the style. 
  • I got my bridesmaid dress from Tulle & Chantilly about 2 weeks ago. I sent in my exact measurements for the custom dress as well as the specific color I was looking for and thankfully it was made perfect to the T. Delivery was faster then I had anticipated the quality was great for the price I paid. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a great quality dress for a reasonable price.
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