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What is everyone doing with their cell phones the day of? I have a little clutch that I purchase to keep some of my make up and inhaler in but I don't know if its appropriate to carry my cell phone. It's not like I'm going to be on it during the ceremony/reception but I might need it at some point right? I don't know what to do with it??

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  • i havent really thought about that until now! lol my cousin who just got married kept hers in her purse which was left at the kitchen area of the reception she used it once the main reception part was done 
  • Mine will probably end up either staying at the hotel or if it comes with me, it'll stay in the bridal suite with the clothes I wear to the venue. 
  • Mine will stay with me until we head down for the ceremony. I will probably bring it to the reception though.


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  • I'll leave mine in the room. If you really want it, maybe your mom or BM can hang into it?
  • Turning mine off and putting in my overnight bag as soon as we coordinate us getting to the venue without seeing each other.  Aside from talking to people to work that detail out there is no reason I need it the day of.
  • Leaving in my hotel room. I don't need it. Everyone if call is with me. Besides others have phones if need be. ...
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    Leaving in my hotel room. I don't need it. Everyone I would call is with me. Besides others have phones if need be. ...
  • I'll probably have mine with me in my clutch. I feel naked without it. Isn't that sad? That said, I doubt I'll use it other than maybe to snap a few pics. 
  • i will leave mine in my clutch my aunt will have it during my church ceremony and i will leave it in my bridal suite during the reception   
  • My dad is going to have mine. It will be on silent but if he feels the need to snap a picture on his phone, he's going to snap a picture on mine. He actually suggested this and it really surprised me. 
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  • I'll just leave mine in my purse, I don't want to even look at it after we start the ceremony. I just want to focus on the day and I'll tend to the phone the morning after lol.
  • I'm planning to leave mine in our hotel suite. Want to be in the moment and not miss anything thgis Saturday because I'm on Facebook or something. :)
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