is november too cold for an outside ceremony?

My fiancee and I want an outdoor ceremony at the Woodwinds. It would be for 30min, not more than that. 
We are from NY and we have friends saying it would be too cold, others saying it's not that bad. They have heaters outside so we think it should be ok.
What's your opinion? It would be an afternoon wedding on 11/08. 
Thanks a lot

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  • The hot apple cider sounds like a very good idea!
  • We considered it (and renting heaters) and decided against it early on because it's not unheard of that it might snow in November.  Our date is November 14.  On average it's about 50 degrees at 5 p.m. in November and once the sun goes down it's even colder.  We were thinking "it's only 30 minutes" but then when you factor in that guests sometimes arrive 30 minutes early, you may have guests outside in the cold for an hour.

    I'm not saying it can't be done, but it does take a lot of extra consideration (heaters, warm drinks, blankets, possibly warning guests ahead of time in the invite/ website/ word of mouth that they will be outside so they can dress accordingly).  
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  • Unless it's unseasonably warm, to do this and treat your guests appropriately, you're looking at a lot of cost. Also keep in mind that your own bridesmaids would probably need extra warm shawls on them unless you'd heat that area as well and you should shoulder (pun intended) the extra cost of that as well.
  • I went to a wedding last year in early November. It was a warm(er) day and they decided at the last second to hold the ceremony outside--once that sun started to set it was COLD. Plus, none of the guests planned accordingly and most had bare legs and small little coats (if any coats at all). I think if you have the little treats that people mentioned above, and the guest have warning, then it would be cute! You don't want a lot of stiff and shaking bodies in your pictures!
  • We decided to have our wedding in November. Thanks for all the advice, we already wrote down hot apple cider and blankets on our "to do list". 

  • I don't think November is too cold to have your ceremony outside but it really depends on the day.  The other day was way too cold that my landlord even turned on the heat :) and after two days, the sun came out and it was just beautiful so always come up with a second plan in case if it rains or it gets too cold. 
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