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11.9 We are getting close!

How is everyone feeling? Do you still have a lot to do? What is your schedule like the next two weeks?
I am done with all my crafts and wedding details. Just need to make 2 more payments (final to caterer and final to rental company). 

Here's what my schedule looks like:
Tomorrow - Dentist appointment for cleaning
Wednesday - Hair appointment for cut/color
Saturday - Final dance lesson for first dance
11/7 - Waxing, pedicure, manicure
11/8 - Travel to Sonoma, drop dog off at overnight care, meet with coordinator to drop off all reception decor, check in to our respective hotels, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner
11/9 - The Big Day!

I'm still trying to work out and cook all our meals and all the normal house tasks (FI is in crunch time for his MBA and wants to get ahead so he doesn't have to worry about school during the wedding or honeymoon, so I have been trying to support by doing the cooking and other stuff at home). 

Re: 11.9 We are getting close!

  • I'll post with you guys because there don't seem to be too many other 11/10 people like me!

    Yesterday I picked up my dress, the final alterations on it were completed. All of my crafts are finished and details are arranged.

    Tomorrow and one day next week I'll have the last dance sessions with the flower girls, who want to be in on the big reception dance with all the women.

    11/5 - Color appointment
    11/9 - Manicure, Waxing, Decorating the venue
    11/10 - Wedding won't be until 5:20 pm (just before sunset), so the morning will be spent finalizing any other small details and then getting ready!
  • we got alot of the big stuff done! 

    11/6 i go and pick up- my dress, i had the bustle done
    11/7 im going with my mom to pick up the rental stuff and help her do the cooking since she and my step dad are doing all the food
    11/8 having the rehersal at her house and then staying with her along with my MOH for the night
    11/9- the big day! :)
  • @MeganStates you can be in our group :)
  • Nothing is really happening until Sunday 11/3 when my parents get here, 11/7 is my bachelorette party, 11/8 rehearsal/dinner and then 11/9 PARTY!  11/10 brunch 11/11 leave for Hawaii.

    Not sure of when other small things are happening but I'm have to drop the dogs at the kennel, take my mom to get a mani/pedi, and finalize the wine list for the reception.
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  • Oh I did pick up my dress last Saturday! So happy to have it in my possession now :)
  • Im feeling good! I have a few things to still do- floor tiles, pew decor, reception details

    i dont have anything going on until 11/8- I have to pick up my MIL who is staying with us that weekend and then we have the rehearsal
    11/9 is the event!

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  • @WedReMix13 nice to have a week of a little peace. I am done with most stuff but now I feel antsy!
  • Sunday 11/3 I get to take some stuff up to the venue
    Tuesday 11/5 dentist appt for a cleaning
    Wednesday 11/6 pick up best man from airport
    Friday 11/8 get nails done and go to venue for rehersal
    Saturday 11/9 The big day!!!
  • Only 10 more days ladies!!  We are in a pretty good spot, are finished with most things. 

    Tonight I have my final fitting and will pick up my dress next week after the dress shop presses it. 

    This weekend my sisters and I will be "stuffing" the maple candies I ordered into the little favor boxes we made.  I need to make the lumianries for the table numbers still, but that will be quick.  Just need to print the table numbers onto vellum paper and then I will stamp a maple leaf on them.

    11/4 bring final payment to the venue

    11/7 take all the reception stuff to the venue; Rehearsal at church & Dinner after; also hoping I can get a massage that morning

    11/8 manis/pedis with the girls; my nephew's 1st birthday also, so we will have a small celebration.  Then off to my parent's house to spend the night with the Bridal party.

    11/9 get married!!

  • Almost to single digits! CRAZY!
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