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Wedding among the oak trees!


First discussion! My fiance and I are hoping to have an outdoor wedding and reception in the Sequoia National Monument (just NE of Bakersfield, CA) amongst a lot of oak trees and beautiful scenery.

However, we are worried about the weather in which case we will be having everything inside my parents' (large) cabin. What is the layout/space required for tables and chairs? Any suggestions on planning?

We'll be looking at tent rentals, but would like to keep the budget small if possible!

Re: Wedding among the oak trees!

  • The layout and space required is entirely dependent upon the number of guests you have, and then the size of the tables you choose to accommodate those guests.
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    The link (LINK) provides info about various wedding layouts and how much room you need for tables. I used that info and the seating chart planner (LINK) on Wedding Wire to figure out how much space we needed for our guests.
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