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Hi! My FI and I are eloping to Vegas in February (before Valentines Day) and are in search of a ceremony venue. It will only be the two of us so I don't need anything huge. It can be indoors or out, a chapel or a hotel or somewhere trendy. Any ideas? If it helps, I will be wearing a knee length dress and he will wear a khaki colored suit. TIA

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  • Congratulations and welcome! What sort of budget are you working with for the ceremony? Chapel of the Flowers is very popular with elopements but your options are endless! Flamingo has a beautiful outdoor garden ceremony area called Paradise Falls which would have been my pick if we were eloping. Or you could get married on a gondola at the Venetian.... that would be romantic.

    In Vegas you can also just hire an Officiant and get married in your hotel suite or anywhere on/off the strip. Let us know a bit more about what you are looking for.

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  • I was looking at Chapel of the Flowers but I would want to get married under the bubble chandelier thing but they said that is not an option. Ultimately I would love somewhere outdoors but not a gazebo or Valley of the Fire. Something small, beautiful and intimate. Budget is not an issue. We are looking at February 12th for our date (exactly one year to the day that he proposed). I'm not sure what the weather is like then but I can't imagine it would be too cold mid day for a 15 minute outdoor wedding ceremony. I will look into Paradise Falls. Thanks! 
  • Outside ceremony places we looked into were..

    - Pool at The Mandarin  
    - Voodoo Lounge at the Rio over looking the strip
    - Volcano at Mirage
    - Gardens at Venetian/Palazzo

    I second missmo's idea, hire an officiant and do it in a nice suite!  I think we would have done that if we were eloping!  

    Congratulations and happy planning!!!

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  • Thanks for those suggestions! I looked at the chapels on vegasgroom's site and found three options I plan to further explore. I must admit that when I said I didn't have a budget I wasn't expecting to see prices upwards of $25k! I would like to stay at or under $1,500 for the ceremony. 

    I like the idea of hiring an officiant and having the ceremony in a suite. Any suggestions on hotel suites with a great view? It doesn't even have to be on the strip. 
  • A wrap around at Cosmo with a view of the Bellagio fountains!!!

    If you haven't already here is another good site...

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  • If everyone hadn't already suggested it, I was also going to say just get an officiant and do it wherever you like best. :-)  For a ceremony of just you and your FI, no reason to throw money away on a chapel when there are lots of very unique and romantic places you can get married at for little or no money (other than the officiant).  Of course I would recommend a photographer too; even if you don't think you'd want one now, you only get one chance to take the pictures and it would stink to end up regretting it later.

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  • I second the Cosmo suite idea, but also the MGM Skyline Terrace has some nice views too and you could do it out on the terrace if you want to have an outdoor feel...
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