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great idea or over planning need local knotties help

Fi is in a band and I thought it would be nice to schedule a gig or something for an after party. They don't play covers so I would like to find a place that works with local bands. Not looking to book an entire bar just an hour or 30 minute set. Also would prefer not to scary I.e. no blood stains on floor. Any recommendations. They play stoner metal if that helps.

Re: great idea or over planning need local knotties help

  • The only metal place I've heard of is Cheyenne Saloon, which probably isn't feasible (not that I know for sure) but would be a good place to start.  Their employees may know of places that would work with you on this.

    I will caution that after your wedding day and reception you may be exhausted, so while playing for people sounds fun and is something your FI is usually into, he may not be as up for it that day- particularly if it's a surprise and he was looking forward to getting you back to the room.
  • I love the idea but how about incorporating it into the meet and greet? That way its more relaxed and you can be more flexible on time.

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  • Good call @missmo14 does take the pressure off finding a place I would wear the W dress to. @annathy03, ill check it our but sounds a little country. It is a place to start
  • Definitely check some of the bars downtown! is a great source of info to investigate places and give you an idea of the vibe of the spot if you haven't been.

    Many downtown bars feature live music, so you might be able to score a booking. I'd suggest checking with Atomic Liquors and Fremont Country Club. And maybe Backstage Bar and Billiards or Hogs & Heifers - that last one is pushing the scary though. It's ... different. haha! 

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