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New Hampshire

Reviews 10/6 Wedding Part 1

edited October 2013 in New Hampshire

Stonebridge Country Club – Goffstown, NH  A++


We really had a phenomenal experience with Stonebridge. Firstly, they have beautifully landscaped grounds and an excellent fall foliage backdrop! The outdoor ceremony option we had planned for includes an arbor and a lovely aisle.  It rained on our wedding day it really ended up being lovely as well and we used the balcony for photos when it was misting so we still had some outdoor shots.  The tent was very nice with pretty string lights elegantly covered with sheer fabric, white wooden chairs, dance floor, and because of the rain, side panels and heathers were also included.  We used golf carts for our bridal party introduction!


We REALLY wanted a brunch wedding and they worked with us on a package that fit our budget, desires and theme. The food was delicious!


We give the most kudos to the coordinator, Brandi who was just special. She was really easy to work with, had great ideas (like an orange juice toast), and really made us understand that she was there to make things happen as we wanted and support us.  It all came to be most meaningful the closer we got to the wedding. When we started to have last minute issues with a vendor she had an immediate backup plan and called to soothe me about it. She helped us make last minute meal accomodations for picky children. However, she was most amazing the day of the wedding when it rained and totally changed our plans for an outdoor ceremony. She and her staff cheered me up in the morning and as soon as I walked down the aisle and saw the room and the rest of the wedding play out, I was simply happy and amazed. You would’ve thought that everything was exactly as it was supposed to be and it was all beautiful. She was there to support us through the day and kept us on task with photos so that our guests could eat on time.


The rain made it so the day wasn’t as planned, but Brandi and the venue still made it the perfect day and we are so grateful (I teared up a little writing this).


Photographer – Jeremiah True – Haverhill, MA A+++++


An amazing experience from start to finish! Jeremiah is very professional, artistic, creative, experienced and skilled. He is also quite a perfectionist.  His prices are excellent and we chose a package that included all day coverage, digital rights, and an engagement session. We did our e-session at a baseball park in the spring and I shared some  of my inspirational photos with him via Pinterest and he was so prepared and remembered shots I had forgotten. He took a lot of test shots to make sure the lighting was sufficient, compensated where necessary and really got creative about the different shots and spaces in the park.  We were elated by the results and the photoshop edits  (to cover blemishes) and very excited that he would be doing our wedding too.


On our wedding day, he arrived with his second shooter on time and got right to work on the detail shots and were so busy all day. We got our photos back within 3 weeks and we couldn’t be happier with the exceptional photos, the quantity and quality  (beautiful camera). We felt like the day passed so quickly that we were really amazed at how much they were able to capture. We had posed family portraits but our favorite shots were the wonderful candids they took throughout the day. They really captured the essence of the wedding, the vibe, the motion, the expressions on people’s faces. Our family and friends comment on how they truly reflect a beautiful, happy day.  We are absoutely thrilled and would refer him in a heartbeat.

Curtis Weddings Videography A – Stratham, NH


We had an excellent experience with Curtis Weddings as many of my friends have over the past several years. She comes highly recommended!  We wanted our wedding documented, but didn’t have a large budget for editing. Beckie offered the perfect package that allowed us to capture everything, gave us the raw footage, and an edited “highlight clip”. We figured that this gave us the option at least to have editing done after the other major nuptial expenses had passed.


Beckie arrived on time to film some shots of the venue and us getting ready and she captured special moments throughout the day. We received the video within 1 week and happily shared our highlight clip with friends and family online. The unedited footage actually flowed very well and we were elated to watch it together our first night home from our honeymoon.  Camerawork was steady with some artistic shots and with good quality picture and sound.  I particularly love that she came out with us while we took some fun photos together (just the bride and groom) and you can see some of our silly expressions and kisses that we stole in between poses. 


Chickadee Hill Cakes – Sandown, NH  A+++++


We were elated with our experience. Chickaee Hill has done cakes for 9 other weddings I’ve attended and we love them so much that they also have done many birthday cakes over the years for us so I was incredibly confident from the beginning.


The tasting consult was excellent.  It’s one aspect of our wedding planning that we wish we could do over and over again! We selected chocolate turtle with a ganache filling and pumpkin cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting and our guests were absolutely delighted.  I brought some inspirational photos and by the end of the consult there was a colorful sketch of exactly what we envisioned for the design and the final result matched it beautifully.


I’ve been waiting since 2007 to be able to have a Chickadee Hill wedding cake of my own and am so proud that it was everything I dreamed. 


Creative Gardens – Lee, NH A+++++


I can only describe Julie’s work as “floral artistry”. I’ve seen Julie’s work over the past 7 years at weddings I’ve attended or been in the bridal party for and it’s always beautiful. It was just perfect for our wedding as well and she was one of my favorite vendors to work with.


At our consult, she really took time to listen to me, understand my budget and looked at all my inspirational photos and pulled it all together for me with her creativity and experience. I appreciated her suggestions to replace some of the expensive flowers of my Pinterest finds with similar, lower cost, blooms to achieve the  same look and fit my budget.  She maintained outstanding communication over the months and days leading up to my wedding and was flexible with some late changes I added.


The results just made me brighten and smile on our wedding day where I was teary from  unexpected rain that forced a ceremony location change. She brightened and beautified the ceremony space and she used the petals that were originally meant for the outdoors to beautiful my reception tables even more. She even decorated our chairs. All of our bouquets, bouts and corsages were lovely.  I was happy the day of the wedding but now that I’ve seen some photos and video from the event, I appreciate it even more. The colors truly pulled everything together!


Modern Bride and Formal Shop A++

You could say that I've done my dress "growing up" with this shop as I got my first dress from them as a flower girl when I was 11 back on Elm Street in Manchester. Since then, I got my prom gown, some bridesmaid dresses over the years, a gown for my first wedding (the marriage didn't work, but the dress was fabulous!), and now, a gown for my second wedding.

I continue to go back because they have always been warm and respectful to myself, my family and friends. I appreciate that they remember me.

Since being a bridesmaid for other weddings, I've been to several other bridal shops in NH and some in CA and I think the things I appreciate the most about Modern Bride
is that I don't need an appointment, I can try on as many dresses as I want, I can take photos, and that they had stock dresses in larger sizes for me to try on.

For my 
own wedding dress visit – I was particularly excited when Debbie made a quick change of accessories that really made the dress I ordered look amazing (so simple!) and helped me to get an idea of the color I was ordering the dress in by showing me a similar one stocked in that color. I felt like I was the only person in the store.


My dress was a success. I had gained some weight before the wedding and they smoothed it out with excellent alterations. I got a few comments from guests on how nice my bustle was!



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You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.

Re: Reviews 10/6 Wedding Part 1

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    I'll do a 2nd post. Its all running together.






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    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.
  • Oh if anyone wants to see photos of any of these things if you're considering the vendor, like if you want to see what a Stonebridge Wedding looked like, or Creative Gardens  flowers, or Jeremiah True Photography, PM me and I'll share my wedding photos if that is helpful. 
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    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.
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