Bridesmaid dresses similar to Wedding gown?

Hi ladies,

I'm concerned about the bridesmaids dresses I've chosen. Are they too similar to the gown I've chosen? Should I make them a darker colour so they're different from my ivory gown?

Bridesmaid dresses:


Re: Bridesmaid dresses similar to Wedding gown?

  • We'd have to see the photo of your wedding gown to compare...
  • This is exactly a beautiful bridesmaid dress,and yes,you could show us your wedding dress for comparison.
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    I wouldn't be too worried. My bm dresses have an ivory lace overlay with a champagne underlay and my dress is ivory. Actually, the original purpose of having a bridal party (centuries ago) was to have them dress up like the bride and groom to "trick" any evil spirits.... I thought this was hilarious when I found that out! Either way, I've seen a couple weddings where bm dresses were close in colour to the wedding dress and it looked awesome! (one actually had white bm dresses... it was a "snowball wedding")


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