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ATTN: Portrait Tent Photo booth

If you or anyone you know planned on using Portrait Tent photobooth , start looking for some one else ! They have gone out of business !!! I payed my deposit via Paypal and reserved them for my wedding in May . If I hadn't tried to look them up the other day I would have never know . Kristi Hoskins the owner of portrait tent never tried to contact me . I emailed her , called and left voicemails , and finally as a last resort found her on Facebook. Kristi emailed me back yesterday ( a few days later) to notify me she has moved to Michigan. She went on to tell me how she contacted most of her clients and refunded their money but was waiting to see if she could still do my wedding . She claimed since they have family here they might come back to visit and could possibly do a wedding . She had the nerve to ask if I wanted to wait to see if maybe she could still do it . I SAID NO ! I need someone who can commit & follow through. Long story short she STILL HASNT REFUNDED MY MONEY$$$ !!!! Totally unprofessional ! If you reserved them I recommend contacting her ASAP bc I'm pretty sure she plans on keeping your $$$$

Re: ATTN: Portrait Tent Photo booth

  • patEcakepatEcake member
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    Do you have any recourse through PayPal or has it been too long since you paid?  Will your credit card that the PayPal went through be able to investigate for you? 
  • WedReMix13WedReMix13 member
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    You can get your money back from PayPal, you have to file a claim and escalate it. IF for some reason they give you heck- get in touch with your bank or credit card company. 

    If you log into your paypal, there should be a Resolution tab or area (use to be called that) and it should walk you through it. You can always call them too. 

    ETA: IF she already spent your money or transferred it to her bank account, paypal may or may not be able to refund you- I believe at one time they would charge her account but youd have to wait to be refunded if she added money to her account- I could be wrong or maybe this was an old way they did it. 
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  • I have already looked into that but I booked them back in June and it's been too long to process as a dispute - I've emailed the lady probably 10 times by now and not response. : (
  • Marho1984 is it too late through your bank/credit card? 

    I guess the next thing would be to get a lawyer and ask what to do. 
    Married 11/12/05 ~ Renewed Our Vows 11/9/13. 

    "The LORD will fight for you, you need only be still."

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